This Hack only contain with Peach Emoticon Hack.

This Hack doesn’t need any Copy Paste an ACV to your audition data folder

Win 7/vista 64 Bit Please Download Free Peach Emo 64 Bit User.rar

How to use :

  • Download this hack (Please Turn off your Anti Virus, They Scan this Hack as virus or even worse keylogger, but it just fake alarm)
  • Open this Hack (Run as admin for win 7/vista)
  • Login Audition
  • Wait until you are at lobby then press the Hack hotkey
  • If you don’t know the Peach Emoticon command just CTRL E and change the Basic to Peach and see all peach command there
  • Have Fun.

Free Peach Emo:

Free Peach Emo 64 bit user:

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