• Added DLL Cleaner / CShell.dll , BugTrap.dll , SndDrv.dll and XTrapVa.dll
  • Added EXE Cleaner / Crossfire.exe and HGWC.exe
  • Added Log Cleaner / Clear Logs folder
  • Added Hacks Cleaner / Delete hacks that inside your crossfire folder like : SndDrv2.dll , MLANG.dll , DDraw.dll , DWrite.dll
  • Added Easier Theme and nice advanced options also it doesn’t toke up to 1 second to clear files

How to use :

  • Extract Ccleaner to your Crossfire Folder and run it as administrator
  • Select the file that you want to clean , recommended to clean all files
  • Press Submit Button and have fun

Virus Scans:

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