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Last week the Dota 2 community alerted us to the fact that the ‘Timebreaker’ weapon submission for Faceless Void mirrored the design of a weapon found in the MMO ‘Aion.’ After investigating the issue we discovered that the item was a violation of Workshop rules. In accordance to our Workshop copyright policies we are taking the following actions: The contributor of the violating asset will receive an extended Steam Community ban. We have also replaced the Timebreaker’s model with a new model designed by the Dota 2 team that we feel serves as an attractive replacement.

Everyone who currently owns a Timebreaker will receive the replacement version of the weapon. Furthermore, the new Timebreaker is now a ‘Vintage’ quality weapon. Timebreakers that exist now are the only ones that will ever be until the end of time and thus the item rarity has been upgraded to ‘Immortal’.

Moving forward, we need your help to ensure that the content on the Workshop is properly policed. Our ability to know the source of every idea or design is limited, but as a community we can effectively tackle this issue. We’ve posted a separate message to the Workshop blog that you can read here. Get involved in voting items up or down and let us know when you find items that represent intellectual property that is not the contributor’s own.

Lastly, we’ve added requirements and downloadable assets for several new heroes to the Workshop Requirements page. You can now submit items for Phantom Lancer, Phantom Assassin, and a bunch of other heroes. We’ve been blown away by the quality of submissions to the Workshop and we can’t wait to see what gets created for these new heroes.

Don’t forget! The Defense is having their finals THIS WEEKEND! Last week everyone had access to all the games and one particular game even had over 20,000 spectators. You can purchase a ticket and watch the finals (and any past games) here.

The International page has also been updated with info on the venue and location. If you’re attending in person stop by and give it a read. In the coming weeks we’ll continue to expand that space with more information including the tournament format, Teams and Casters profiles, etc.

DotA 2 – Aug 10, 2012 Changelogs:

  • Fixed being able to request a swap with enemy heroes or yourself.
  • Fixed Warlock missing his pants.
  • Tournaments with live games in progress will sort first on the Tournament list.
  • Added a Voice volume slider.
  • Cleaned up voice thresholding and VU meter. It better represents the range of mic volume, and is more clear about when thresholding is kicking in.
  • Cleaned up voice processing to improve quality.
  • Fixed file open dialogs not refreshing the current directory’s contents when opening.
  • Fixed file open dialogs not clearing their substring filter when they’re re-opened.

DotA 2 – Aug 9, 2012 Changelogs:


  • Added Swap Hero. This cannot be used after creeps spawn or in SD. Accessible via right click on heroes in the scoreboard.
  • Spectators watching Dota TV can now access the dashboard chat channels.
  • All broadcasters in a channel now transmit their voice to spectators that have selected that channel.


  • Bloodseeker: Fixed Blood Bath not working on siege units.
  • Bounty Hunter: Fixed Shadow Walk damaging buildings.
  • Juggernaut: Fixed Omnislash jumping to ancients.
  • Juggernaut: Fixed Bladefury showing per target visual effect when hurting invis units.
  • Lifestealer: Fixed Ensnare not going away after using Infest.
  • Lone Druid: Fixed creep aggro behavior with Spirit Bear
  • Templar Assassin: Fixed Meld when attacking Items.
  • Undying: Fixed Tombstone spawning zombies against couriers.
  • Undying: Fixed Tombstone receiving too much aggro from towers.
  • Undying: Fixed Zombies not dying when their target becomes invisible.
  • Fixed canceling TP scrolls causing projectiles to be dodged.
  • Fixed gold lost on death being reduced too much when carrying Bloodstone.
  • Fixed various bounce abilities malfunctioning if the targets die during it.

UI :

  • Added Swap Hero. This cannot be used after creeps spawn or in SD. Accessible via right click on heroes in the scoreboard.
  • Spectators watching Dota TV can now access the dashboard chat channels.
  • Broadcasters will now see lines drawn by their cobroadcasters.
  • Spectators will now see all lines drawn by any broadcaster in their selected broadcast channel.
  • The Tournament Panel now fits 4 live games in preparation for The International.
  • When the cursor is hidden due to inactivity, it no longer causes unit glows or other highlight shennanigans.
  • Fixed a bug where hero icons were missing from chat lines occasionally.
  • The Hero selector now allows instant spawn on public games with only 1 or 2 humans in them.
  • Fixed the chat bubble display to work properly with open mic thresholding.
  • Fixed timeline markers not updating correctly if you jumped around in a replay.
  • Added a toggle-able chat window to the Hero Selection Spectator view.
  • Various improvements to the readability of the Hero Selection Spectator view.
  • Spectator view of Hero Selection now shows player’s names under their selected heroes.
  • Fixed spectators not being able to see item ownership on the courier.
  • The buyback stat dropdown now shows if the hero will or won’t be able to buyback if the hero dies now (and if they can’t, it shows the remaining cooldown or the extra gold needed to be able to die and buyback).
  • Fixed rogue selection rings in spectator mode.
  • Added a console command for league admins to end the game (dota_ref_winner_radiant/dota_ref_winner_dire)


  • Fixed bug where some heroes would not display any wearables when watching replays.


  • Added colored VU meter in the audio settings panel for evaluating and adjusting volume levels.
  • Added “mute co-broadcasters” setting.
  • All broadcasters in a channel now transmit their voice to spectators that have selected that channel.
  • Broadcasters that are in the same channel can now hear each other when they talk.
  • Hero ban sounds are now enabled when spectating Captain’s Mode.


  • Fixed a bug in Wearable Importing when using SMD files (fixes items not attaching correctly to the hero model)

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