DotA v6.72f AI 1.2 Nightmare Updated

Greetings! Welcome to the latest official AI DotA custom map and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! IT’S PARTY TIME! Some bugfixes in this release and next year the work on 6.73 begins! Cloud has something new in the works too but sadly we are both too busy with RL stuff to make everything faster and smoother. Patience is a virtue! Be smart and party well! HAVE A NICE HOLIDAYS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE DotA AITeam!

Changelogs – AI 1.2 Changes

  1. Fixed: Windrunner group lost bug removed.
  2. Fixed: Some minor tweak in aiming func.
  3. Fixed: Human KotL auto-using Recall.
  4. Fixed: Delay bug in AIAttackedByHumanHero
  5. Added storing of learn and use skills by heroes.
  6. Fixed: Magnus’ not using Reverse.
  7. Fixed: Magnus’ itembuild.
  8. Applied range check to Sprout (Furion’s) and Shackle (Rhasta, plus disable check). Now both won’t use the spell against enemy out of range -> no rambo mode, no missed Sprout.
  9. Tauren now use ability to join with idle spirit.
  10. Fixed: KotL Illuminate, added extra use.
  11. Improved AI: usage of SandKing’s Burrowstrike and Epi-Blink.
  12. Little improvement on Shadowfiend’s Shadow Raze
  13. Undid all fake abilities, changing base order instead. (Troll’s Ranged Whirling Axe, Batrider’s Firebreak, Phoenix’ Sun Ray)
  14. Fixed: Akasha not using ulti.
  15. Fixed: incorrect SunRay order.
  16. Fixed: Lone Druid not using Rabid and some bug in Battlecry usage.
  17. Fixed: problems in channel-based skills.
  18. Fixed: some bugs related to skill learning, esp. Huskar.
  19. Meld should not decrease building’s armor anymore.
  20. Fair aggro attempt. Orb attack do not count as attack.
  21. Fixed: Leshrac’s AI (now use Edict and Nova properly)
  22. Applied the “free mode” to AI’s scroll of town portal (supposedly decrease tp-cancel probability).
  23. AI Assault Cuirass Recipe fix: 1500 -> 1300

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