DotA Imba Legends v2.4EN (Dota imba legends v2.4.w3x) by Flick

OMG mode by Flick

(Dota Imba + Dota Lod = Dota Imba Legends)

Dota imba legends: That Let the Players Can Able to Choose 3 Skills and 1 Ultimate to Combine into 1 Unique Hero in an Epic Battle to Defend the Ancients.

This map is very fun and imba (more than “OMG” map), you try it, you know how “IMBA”.

At the start you choose either -ap or -sd, then the other modes (normal imba, balanced imba, no imba, -fe, -fn and -so on). After that you choose your skills and hero.



  • Remove -switch command
  • Remove bug skills: Overload (Skill 3 Storm Spirit), Voodoo Restoration (Skill 3 Witch Doctor ), Berserker Rage (Skill 1 Troll )
  • Rebalance Tether (IO)

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