Tired of using your faulty DotA hotkey/warkey? Many individuals have tried multiple times on creating the perfect and most suitable hotkey tool for the game, yet another tool has been updated by PlayDota Crisgon’s DotA ToolKit v3.3c. One of this app’s highlight is a mini-guide tab where you can choose to view a hero’s customized guide quickly.

How to use:

  • You have to use DTKPatch in order to play with 6.73 customkeys
  • Apply the Patch after making all changes on DotAToolKit
  • In order to have customkeys for taverns and goblinshops working, you should download 6.74 PATCH



  • Inventory
  • Mouse Wheel
  • Skills , Selfcast and Autocast

Custom Keys:

  • A quick and easy customkey generator (remember to check “Use customkeys” box)

Quick Tools:

  • Send messages
  • Quick launch
  • Some configurations for wc3 (widescreen adjustment, improve of fps , wc3 path , healthbars)
  • Run wc3 on window with mouse capturer
  • A quick explanation of my tool features


  • Patch for v3.3c
    • Update to DotA v6.74 (customkeys)
  • Patch for v3.3c
    • Update to DotA v6.73 (customkeys)
  • Updated to v3.3c
    • Updated to DotA v6.72c (customkeys and guide)
    • Added support for some keyboard layouts (QWERTY,AZERTY,QWERTZ)
    • Totally added all items on guide tab.

DotA ToolKit v3.3.rar (Mirror)

DTKPatch.rar (Mirror)

6.74Patch.rar (Mirror)

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