General Knowledge first

Current Lvl24 Cap requires around 3200/4000 Critical for 95% Crit Chance (2 Different values as they are based on experience with both values)

Lvl32/40 Cap requires around 6000 Critical for similar 95% Crit Chance on Mobs.

So what kind of gears do you need to hit around 4.4k Critical?

Gears below gives 1.1kPatk/0.75kMatk

  • Ancient Sword +7 (Bear) (Agi/Str/Crit+17%)
  • Skeleton Gauntlet +10 (Wind) (Mattk/Str/Crit+17%)
  • 2 x Fatal Ruby Rings (375Critical Each) [Pattk/Str/Agi & Str/Agi/FireAtk (yeah reverting has been failing on 2nd ring)]
  • Wind Ruby Earrings Agi/Str (Agi/vit/Para Resist)
  • Wind Amber Necklace Agi/Str/Int (Str/vit/Crit resist)\
  • Armours are mixed wind/bear prefixed mostly. (Agi/Str & HP for Options if possible)

All the abovementioned will get you to around 4k+ Critical which is definitely enough for lvl24 Cap.


How long & how did you take to get there?

I was initially going the usual magic SM route getting mattk/int for my hidden potentials for my gears until I saw the video above.

To convert my gears, I spent 16hours farming Dark Institute Tower Abyss for around 16Hrs(approx 1 day), sell the rough diamonds, epic codes I get from there as well as gold bunny ( I had 4 in 1 day, mainly for epic revert codes) to get my gold to either buy the gear straight off the trading house, spend them on revert codes on my weapons as well as my accessories. I’ll do a breakdown on how much I’ve spent below. Amount earned from the 16 hours is around 700-800g, excluding the amount of gold I’ve earned previously, and no I’m not rich, I used everything I had to convert.

  • 2 x Fatal ruby Rings (100g and 105g respectively, I bought them before the mino nest reset, reset prices are around 65-70g CHEAP)
  • Skeleton Gauntlet +10 with Crit+17% Potential (250g)
  • Wind Ruby Earring AGI/STR (92g, bought this during the reset period, quite a deal actually)
  • Wind Amber Necklace (Can’t remember the price, but I think its 160-180g)

TOTAL: 205+250+92+180= 727g

Abovementioned is just getting the gears, the hidden potentials are the hard ones to get. For my Ancient Sword, I was lucky to get the AGI/STR/Crit+17% potential by reverting around 4times, currently crystals for cost around 45-55g.

Note: getting the +17% crit option for both weapons is very important for crit builds

Accessories are the worse when it comes to get the right hidden potentials.

Both my Fatal Ruby Rings have been reverted 5 times EACH, that’s 700g straight, but luckily for me, I got like 4-5 Epic diamond Codes during my 16 hour DT Abyss Runs so I didn’t spent more on codes. And yet I still didn’t get the right potentials for both of them. One of them finally manage a Pattk/Str/Agi but IDEALLY, the guy in the video has a 5 option ring that has Crit+17% Option in it, YES ITS POSSIBLE IN ACCESSORIES TO GET CRIT+17%[0.04% chance ): ]

Who should actually try this build out?

Patient and hardworking people with lots of luck :X

Kidding… Currently our Lvl24 Cap will not be realized anytime soon (2-3 weeks AT LEAST) so if you like to see the ORANGE Critical word popping every time when you attack, you should definitely try this build.

  1. If you’re farming powders for elf gears you can solo mino nest easy with the crit build, you can also farm dungeons faster as well.
  2. Critical Build is actually very good especially if you are very geared, increases the potential of your damage , I’m sure you guy’s have seen sgKhaii and his Crit Ele as well as VolutionX going for Crit as well

Last Advice

This build works if you have very good weapons PLUS hidden potentials (+17Crit with 4.5%STR is not good enough, you need AT LEAST PatkORMatk +5.8% with 4.5% Str OR Int with Crit+17%, yes a 3 liner hidden potential if not your overall damage is going to be very bad)

To fully utilize this build, I strongly advice to use +10/12 Skeleton Sword/Gauntlet with the abovementioned hidden potentials. AND DO NOT TRY TO ENHANCE/CODE THEM YOURSELF, trust me I did and I wasted a lot I MEAN ALOT of gold on it.

BUY a clean skeleton sword with the hidden potentials OR buy a Skeleton Sword/Gauntlet with the said potentials and ++ YES 250-400G MAY SEEM EXPENSIVE but trust me, I tried and I am really not lucky.

It is possible to get 5 Lines of Hidden Potential on the Skeleton Weapons, yes that guy in the youtube video has it on BOTH HIS SKELETON SWORD/GAUNTLET WTFBBQHAX, that’s how he hit 6k Crit and 1.4k Patk/800 Matk.

Last but not least, as you can see, I don’t have very high Patk/Matk (if my last ring can get the right potentials then i can hit around 1.2k), that’s the pay off for going for such a high crit.


Above mentioned that I do DT Abyss Runs to farm my gold, the boss has very high crit resist hence I used it as a test subject to see which value is needed. While building my crit up, at around 3200 Crit it can be seen that I was crit-ing around 70% of the time on mino nest mob’s but less than 50% on the last boss in DT, hence I can safely say that 3200 Crit is definitely sufficient if you just want to crit a lot more on mobs without suffering too much on your overall damage. If you’re aiming for almost every hit like the one in the video, than you should go for the 4000 and above. At 4.4k Crit now, I can say that I crit the last boss in DT a lot more (yes he still resists a lot of them which is bad actually for DPS), and my runtime for that dungeon (Initially 3.5mins) has dropped by around 30-40ss (running them at around 2mins50s now, I know ELs running at 2mins Q_Q) using the Crit build.

Hence my last advice is, go for 3200Crit, if you want to go higher, go for 6000 like the guy in the video, cause that will be good for Lvl32 Cap

by AikawaKazu

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