Tested on:

  • Win7 : WORKING!
  • Vista : WORKING!
  • WinXP : WORKING!


  • Test hack in game not in itemshop
  • If the hack didn’t work delete Msvcr100d from your folder


  • 01-No Grenade Damage
  • 02-No Fall Damage
  • 03-No Weapon Weight
  • 04-See Ghost(While Moving)
  • 05-Less Spread
  • 06-Less Recoil
  • 07-No ChangeDelay
  • 08-No Reload
  • 09-No Bug Damage
  • 10-No Zone Damage
  • 11-No Knock Back
  • 12-No Flash
  • 13-No Smoke
  • 14-Max Weapons Range
  • 15-RepeatFire For Pistols
  • 16-RepeatFire For Gatling Gun
  • 17-More damage for all Weapons
  • 18-Fast Knife
  • 19-Tele Knife
  • 20-Long Knife
  • 21-Special long knife for Xeno
  • 22-Anti Chat Block
  • 23-Wall Hack
  • 24-Player Wireframe
  • 25-Light Map

Hotkey :

  • 26-Teleporter ( Gives error in 2nd time) ( “F09″ to save player Position /”F10″ to back to player Position )
  • 27-Walk through wall (“Right-Shift”)
  • 28-”End” to close Game
  • 29-”Left-Alt” No World

Hotkey (On/off hacks) :

  • “F01″ to turn On/Off “KnifeHack” (Fast/long/tele Knife)
  • “F02″ to turn On/Off “FastLongknife2 ” (Fast/long/tele Knife for xneo)
  • “F03″ to turn On/Off “NoReload/ChangeDelay” (turn it off and knife bug will be fixed)
  • “F04″ to turn On/Off “NoWeaponWeight “
  • “F05″ to turn On/Off “RepeatFire For Pistols”
  • “F06″ to turn On/Off “RepeatFire For Gatling Gun”
  • “F07″ to turn On/Off “LessRecoil/Spread”
  • “F08″ to turn On/Off “PlayerWireframe”



  • 1-SeeGhosts(WhileMoving)
  • 2-NoReload
  • 3-NoChangeDelay


  • 1-HackToolRemover
  • 2-KnifeOHK




How to use:

  • Download the hack below
  • Extract the hack
  • Use any undetected injector with process crossfire, autoinject and autoclose
  • Run patcher_cf.exe
  • Enjoy


MSVCR100d.dll Download (Make sure you put it in your Crossfire folder!):

1-Visual C++ Redist Installer:

2-Net Framework:

Virus Scans:



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