Welcome to version 3 of our hack. Our last hack turned out to be not so good and we decided to revamp everything and fix all the bugs that it had. Now that we have finished all the work and have the hack working perfectly fine without any problems, we are ready to release.

DreamTeam v3 features the hacks you guys requested in v2 which we weren’t able to implement because of such a small time frame. This time we added AimCorrection, AntiKick, Weapon and Explosive ESP, and improved Hack stability.


  • To navigate through the menu hold down Shift and press the right or left arrow key at the same time and the up and down arrow keys to select the hacks you want to turn on.
  • To use telekill, turn it on and hold ‘X’. To use Rapid Fire, turn it on and hold the middle mouse button.
  • This time we made a loader to make it easier for you guys to start the hack and not have to worry about picking the right injector. It will auto start Combat Arms and inject the hack.

Virus Scans:


  • DreamTeam
  • Saltine
  • flameswor10
  • Shehwaz

Source: DreamTeam Loader v3 for Combat Arms

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