• AtiBot doesn’t work without Moby.
  • Don’t inject AtiBot to MapleStory before MS window appears.
  • Full Map Attack works with Barrel Roll, and according to akkie also with Band of Thieves, Chain Lightning, Blaze, and Poison Bomb.
  • Some vacs and mob control hacks might DC if you don’t CC frequently enough.
  • Auto Move To Items might make you disconnect atm when used with ND Final Attack. I’ll fix it later.
  • Spawn Vac is just a beta version so it’s not perfect. Please read this before using it:
    • I did some experimenting and to me it seems that Spawn Vac may auto-ban only if the vacced monsters get to move somehow. This happens when you disable Spawn Vac, so for now, if you’re going to use it, you should first log out or go to cash shop and then disable it.

Virus Scans:

Main Link:

Mirror Link:

Credits to: Ation, DarkSpace, Cam1596, Redwinter, xcvd, [D.R.T], Benny aka. Tezjin


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