How to use:

  • Well i don’t think there’s much to explain you just have to tick the checkbox of the form you want to open and as soon as form labels change their color from red to lime, you can start using the features of the single forms. Unticking the checkbox while using hacks would mean putting them in standby, they will start working back as soon as you re tick the checkbox of the form
  • Autobot form got an autosave function so after the first use your settings (located in c:\\Dieselbot [settings] ) will be instanly loaded

NOTE : fma works only with these skills band of thieves-chain lighting-barrel bomb-poison bomb- grenade

Missing things:

  • SpControl is not ready to use
  • AutoLogin and ItemFilter are totally uncoded



  • Improved AutoPot System
  • EveryHacks is now working
  • Added Exploits form


  • Fixed a terrible bug with autpot which i discovered tonight ò.ò
  • Fixed a little bug in packet form

Virus Scan:

Credits to: Dissidia

Source: [eMS v.81.2] DieselBot v1.2

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