How to use:

Well i don’t think there’s much to explain you just have to tick the checkbox of the form you want to open and as soon as form labels change their color from red to lime, you can start using the features of the single forms. Unticking the checkbox while using hacks would mean putting them in standby, they will start working back as soon as you re tick the checkbox of the form
Autobot form got an autosave function so after the first use your settings (located in c:\\Dieselbot [settings] ) will be instanly loaded

Note : FMA works only with these skills band of thieves-chain lighting-barrel bomb-poison bomb- grenade

there was a bit of confusion as regards mobdeath offset so tell me if kami anchors is working as it should otherwise i will fix it

Known bugs:

  • Spawn Vac, Delay God Mode, Save and Delete function of Spcontrol

Missing things:

  • AutoLogin and ItemFilter are totally uncoded



  1. Zjq rusher now is perfectly working and you need anymore to block the recv packet trough an external pe(thanks to Energize of TE for info and DRT for his script)


  1. Lowered AutoAttack Delay
  2. Fixed SuperTubi disable bytes
  3. Fixed CPU Hack disable bytes
  4. Added ND FA
  5. Added Pin Typer & Pin Unrandomizer
  6. Added ZakumJQ Rusher(Note: i haven’t currently implemented block receive function so you must block the npc chat receive trough an external packet editor)
  7. Fixed ND AnchorKami
  8. Fixed Auto Assing-Stats packets
  9. DieselBot can now run with multiple instances of MapleStory *-*
  10. Other things i don’t remeber right now


  1. Improved again the autopot, better delay , more checks
  2. Added FreezeMobs Cs and SS ( Thought someone could use them)
  3. Re-Designed MobHacks Form
  4. Added SpawnVac
  5. Added UnlimitedBuff
  6. Fixed ExploitForm
  7. Added ND AnchorKami ( All thanks goes to TheFox who spent a whole night on me and i would really appreciate if someone could donate me so as i could reward him for everything)… 1euro is nothing considered to the money wasting of everyday..
  8. Fixed a bug with channel check : channel shown was -1
  9. Fixed a bug with Packet Sender
  10. Added a Single-time send button for multiline
  11. Improved ItemVac charPos button -> didn’t realize that it wouldn’t have worked fine in some map for this reason when you press the button it will automatically consider an higher y value
  12. Improved Attack-Loot combo
  13. General Fixes
  14. Fixed Lemmings
  15. SPControl is now working(thanks to DRT and Fox as always :] )

Keep mind that Moby IS NEEDED

P.s: All credits goes to DRT and Moose. This is just the same bypass reuploaded

Virus Scan:

Source: [eMS v.82.1] DieselBot v1.4a

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