Unlimited Slots:


This isn’t really a exploit, its more like just a bug.

This one is verry simple to do

  • 1. Choose an item
  • 2. Use a shield scroll on it:[IMG]
  • 3. Now scroll it with a 10% or something,
  • 4. Result: if the scroll failed, you will have gotten two slots back, rather then just one.
  • 5. Example: you have item X that has 7 slots, you do this, the scroll fails, item X now has 8 slots

No Boom:

  • 1. recod the packets needed for trading over one white scroll
  • 2. open the legendary spirit skill interface, put your item in
  • 3. block the trade screen receive header (receiveheader “01D1″)
  • 4. use the packets to trade over the white scroll, accept the trade on the other account aswell
  • 5. unblock the header you blocked before
  • 6. scroll your item through legendary spirit
  • 7. if the scroll fails, your item won’t blow up.

Note: That this DOES NOT work with potential or enhacement scrolls

Source: http://www.gamersdl.com/ems-v-82-1-tutorial-scroll-exploits/

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