[Tutorial] How to Bypass Gameguard + Tools

If you DO NOT want EXP. Delete the address labeled “kills”.

It is not my fault if you get banned using this.

Select “Yes” when it asks you about LUA script.

I use Cheat Engine 6.1 Edit>Settings>Debugger options>Copy this

Step 1: Make a Death Valley Extreme room with a password.

Step 2: Click advanced options>Right click client hack>Click Find out what addresses this code

Step 3: Double click the value that shows up on the bottom of the list and CHANGE VALUE TO 0

**Step 4 is optional but recommended. If you choose to skip step 4 you will have to manually change the value to 0 after every game or hotkey it.**

Step 4: Double click the address and copy and paste it. Now hold CTRL+Alt+L.

A new window should pop up. Replace the 2 values underlined with the address you copied.
Put the address in between the ‘ ‘ like I highlighted.

Step 5: Now press Execute

Step 6: Start game and wait for the “waiting time” message to go away

Step 7: The second it goes away press up arrow on your keyboard and then press the down arrow like the old euro hack. Now it should say mission complete over and over until you get to a reward screen. Press the up arrow key once again when you see the reward screen. You should have gotten about 5k-10k exp and around 5k euro. You can repeat as many times as you like.

Virus Scans:

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