Frostbyte is currently the only public Combat Arms hack to support some exclusive features which are not public. Frostbyte supports both Keyboard and Mouse input! This means you can use either or to navigate through the menu. Frostbyte features its own Music Player which can be configured and used at any point in the game.

To use the music player, Put a folder in your C: Drive called “Music” and place your .mp3 files in there. Create Path: “C:\Music

Frostbyte is designed for CA NA but it also supports (Not 100%) CA EU and CA BR.


  • Navigate: <UP/DOWN> Arrow Keys
  • Toggle Features: <LEFT/RIGHT> Arrow Keys
  • Open/Close Menu: <INSERT>
  • Start Music Player: <DELETE>
  • Pause/Play Music Player: <HOME>
  • Input Devices: Entire Menu is usable by Keyboard or Mouse

Virus Scans:

Injector: Extreme Injector


  • Flengo
  • NOOB
  • Ch40zz C0d3r
  • Disav0w_
  • luizimloko
  • luccss
  • arun823
  • Shadow`
  • Gellin
  • Master131
  • ExoticCash (Testing)
  • iAllure (Testing)

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