Please Read:


  • If the new GarenaMaster FULL do not work with your GARENA PLUS, so probably your GARENA PLUS (not garenamaster!) do not
  • Updated automatically to the latest version, and garenamaster is INCOMPATIBLE with the OLD GARENA PLUS.
  • Download an new copy from
  • Install it and run the garena 1 time without any hacks and enter in any room, to check if there is any new update…
  • Close your garena and try open it with garenamaster again.

Safe Flood Hack Preview:

[Image: zlRZZ.png]

Damage Notifier Preview (orange text):

[Image: VlzJQ.png]

Injector.dll has stopped working:

  • 1) Delete Garena Plus (uninstall + delete folder)
  • 2) Redownload, and reinstall Garena Plus
  • 3) Do not on Garena master yet, open garena plus, let it upload. (and also the upload when u click LAN )
  • 4) Close Garena Plus
  • 5) Open it again, there is another update.
  • 6) Close Garena Plus again and now use Garena master to open Garena Plus (as usual)

How to install:

  • 1. Download Garena Master Hack.
  • 2. Extract the files to any folder.
  • 3. Run updater.exe, click download & install.
  • 4. As soon the download/install completes, it will create a shortcut on your Desktop.
  • 5. Run Garena Master shortcut from Desktop.
  • 6. Enjoy!



  • Added new feature to GM Full -> Garena Plus:
  • Safe Flood Hack (will add random spaces to messages repeated, making it undetectable to any bot / people).
  • Added new feature to GM Full -> Garena Plus/Client:
  • Damage Notifier (will display any damage that you or other heroes take)
  • Fixed Hero Lines
  • Fixed Right click to deny

Optional Servers List to use with Auto AFK System:

Online Installer – GarenaMaster Downloader:

Offline Installer:

Source: Garena Master World

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