Please Read:


  • If the new GarenaMaster FULL do not work with your GARENA PLUS, so probably your GARENA PLUS (not garenamaster!) do not
  • Updated automatically to the latest version, and garenamaster is INCOMPATIBLE with the OLD GARENA PLUS.
  • Download an new copy from
  • Install it and run the garena 1 time without any hacks and enter in any room, to check if there is any new update…
  • Close your garena and try open it with garenamaster again.

Safe Flood Hack Preview:

[Image: zlRZZ.png]

Damage Notifier Preview (orange text):

[Image: VlzJQ.png]

Injector.dll has stopped working:

  • 1) Delete Garena Plus (uninstall + delete folder)
  • 2) Redownload, and reinstall Garena Plus
  • 3) Do not on Garena master yet, open garena plus, let it upload. (and also the upload when u click LAN )
  • 4) Close Garena Plus
  • 5) Open it again, there is another update.
  • 6) Close Garena Plus again and now use Garena master to open Garena Plus (as usual)

How to install:

  • 1. Download Garena Master Hack.
  • 2. Extract the files to any folder.
  • 3. Run updater.exe, click download & install.
  • 4. As soon the download/install completes, it will create a shortcut on your Desktop.
  • 5. Run Garena Master shortcut from Desktop.
  • 6. Enjoy!



  • Added new Feature by Open|Fire: Reveal naix ultimate in red!!
  • Improved GM FULL Performance on start, it should start instantly now!
  • Removed GM_FULL.EXE and GM_LITE.EXE
  • Created GM Selector.exe that will be the new loader to choose between lite and full.
  • .NET Framework checker is now integrated with the GM Selector and with GUI.
  • Removed Visual C++ 2010 dependencie to GM Full (Only .NET Framework 4 is needed now)
  • Fixed changelog dialog on GM Lite.
  • Increased waiting time to 10s, keep helping us with ads that we will reduce again soon.
  • [v95.01] Fixed all know problems.
  • [v95.02] Fixed Name Spoofer problem on GM Full.
  • [v95.03] Fixed problem with Hero Icon, Safe Mode and MapHack features.
  • [v95.04] Added many error messages on injector / gm full / gm lite, that may help users with problems without any message For example:
    • If the antivirus block the injector, gm will detect it now and display an message to the user with what they need do.

Optional Servers List to use with Auto AFK System:

The downloader was DISCONTINUED

Main Link:

Mirror Link:

Source: Garena Master World

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