Hi all this is the quick initial rls of cool trainer for shits n gigs. For now it doesn’t have much in it because im lazy a-f but it will progress slowly. I am happy to say this is a great trainer which uses good methods, auto bot + cc are near perfect and work in sync






How to use:

  • Inject it at splash screen, only splash screen
  • Make sure maple’s console appears, dont close it because it will close maple
  • Start the game, if console dissapears the program will work correctly
  • Now right clikc the main cooltrainer window and enable “update info”
  • Now you can go to any map you’d like, enable your hacks + bots and enjoy

Recommended for jett fma

  • red dot 0
  • attacks 90
  • timed 100
  • auto attack (fma skill)
  • auto mp
  • fma
  • godmode

Virus Scan:




Source: http://www.gamersdl.com/gms-v-112-3-cool-trainer/

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