Waddup people, long time no see well i just came back to ms becouse of summer and shit, and found out this new class and fma wz edits and i thought woa this shit looking pro all it needs is a sooper bot so i said fuck it ill make it. So here it is:

  • Note #1: cbf making hq video, not planning on uploading 500mb of vid lol
  • Note #2: cbf making customizable keys so i just used my own setup(im lazy lol)
  • Keys: Attack “ctrl”, Cash shop “D”, Auto MP “Delete” (it will use potion when mp lower than 100 so dont worry)


I recomend you dont move settings except for the x and y since you will need to edit that becouse that is where char is going to teleport after cc or cs, anyway if you want to fuck around with it the top settings are simple the 1st uper textbox is where you input the number of attacks before cc or cs and 2nd upper textbox its the number of mobs for example if you have 80 on 1st and 100 on 2nd it means, if attack count bigger than 80 & mob count less than 100 cc or cs, simple as that.


Moisi sooper bot sauce


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