1. Insert “MapleStory” into Trainer feature.
  2. Botting Functions
  3. Kami
  4. SS Slow delay mouse fly (Lowered Ab Rate, recommended 30 Sec CC.)
  5. MiniMap
  6. Sleek Gui (easy to use)
  7. Packet Sending (Not working atm so please do note click any of the old packet buttons it will probally instantly crash you.)
  8. Added Bypassless Kami
  9. Added Auto CC -Fixed & Working
  10. Added FMA + God mode. (Bypassless) -Ty Anthony


  • 1. FM Spammer
  • 2. EXP Calculator
  • 3. Auto hp/mp
  • 4. Tele Coords
  • 5. Kami Loot


  • Kami Fixed.
  • Tick all hacks/ vacs also botting functions you’d like to use, do not disable them or else MapleStory will crash.
  • Will Fix this error soon.

Virus Scan:

Credits to: PhoenixGK


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