Important Notice:

Do not use any 3rd party bypasses or programs as they will destabilize Legitbot and cause problems. Information After the beta release of Legitbot to the public, there will now be two versions. The public version will have the basic hunting functions only. Everything else will be disabled. As for the vip version,it will have all functions described in the manual. Please read the manual very carefully before using this bot. The public version provided here will only have a few of the functions described in the manual and they are listed below:

In addition, you will have access to all the global variables and all system functions. If you want to use the other functions then consider purchasing vip. Packet sending is not available with the free version. This is designed to be a hunting tool. If you are looking to use it as an exploitation tool, you will have to purchase vip.

Update Log Legitbot 5.0.12

  • Fixed themultiplatform bot a bit.
  • Completely redid the packet blocking functions for vip users.
  • Experimental WhiteCiph3r anti-detector.


  • 1. Move a character to the map you want to train at. Make sure the map is easy to navigate as complicated maps may confuse Legitbot beyond recognition.
  • 2. Extract all files inside the archive anywhere you want.
  • 3. Visit Legitbot Management and follow the instructions to create a Legitbot account as shown below.
  • 4. If you are a VIP member and wish to access some of the more advanced functions such as Packet Editing, please verify your VIP status by using the forum license verifier found in the License section.
  • 5. Open LegitbotLauncher.exe
  • 6. Right click the tray icon and select Settings.
  • 7. Fill in the username and password with the account you just created and click Test to make sure the account works.
  • 8. Double click the icon or Right click then Start to launch Legitbot.
  • 9. When Legitbot shows up, modify the settings indicated below to match your character. Refer to the manual for more detailed information. Please make sure your movement speed is not maxed out as maxed movement speed could cause problems with the detection algorithm inside Legitbot.
  • 10. In the script view, you will see a section for autopot. The default potion range is 600 for HP and 100 for MP. The default keys are End for HP and Page Down for MP.
  • 11. If you don’t want to use these settings. Click Stop Script, modify the HP and MP settings as shown below and click Run Script. Click File -> Save or CTRL + S to save the script for future restarts.
  • 12. Log into your account and profit. If you have a godmode please use it because upon dying, the script will automatically stop. Godmode will help you train longer. If you have some programming experience, you can use teleport to move to a safe spot, wait for breath and use sendkey to change channel. 13. If your license for public Legitbot ran out, you can visit the license page and use this code:

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