• Auto Pot
  • Auto CC, People CC, and Auto CS
  • Auto Attack
  • 3 AutoSkills
  • Click Fly
  • Tubi
  • UA
  • No Breath
  • FGM & FMA
  • Kami & Kami Loot
  • Loot Before CC
  • Packet Sender
  • Save and Load Settings
  • Hotkeys
  • Show MS/Hide MS
  • Pointer Info
  • Timed Exit

Known issues:

  • Autoskill delays will mess up if you untick and retick them too fast.

Future things:

  • Choose name and location of settings file (Currently located in C:\)

Skills that can be used with FMA:

  • Cannoneer (barrel+explosion) Barrel Bomb
  • I/L wizard Chain Lightning (Mini FMA)
  • Night Walker Poison Bomb
  • Jett, Brawler and Thunder Breaker Tornado Uppdercut
  • Buccaneer Tornado Uppercut > (Phantom can Steal This Skill)
  • Evan Blaze (Mini FMA)
  • Dual Blade Flashbang

To use Kami:

  • If you are a range character, set X to greater than 150. Set X to 10-20.
  • X indicates how far horizontally you are to the left of the mob. Y indicates your height relative to the mob.
  • The textbox for Kami Loot is for the number at which you want to loot items. If you set it to 20 and there are 20 items on the map it will loot the items
  • If you are using Kami loot I also recommend you use Tubi as it’ll pick up items at a much faster rate.

I tested Kami a/b earlier and botted with the kami loot on for around 3 hours without d/c or a/b. Take that as you will when deciding to use AutoCC or not (I would use it to be safe if you really don’t want to take the chances)

If Kami seems like it isn’t working, wait for a couple seconds. The next monster is probably dead and when that happens Kami will stop until its spawned.


  • Updated for GMS v117.2
  • Added hacks that require bypass.


(if you follow the above video correctly, you should not be getting a 10 minute a/b)

  • 1. Download Injector Gadget HERE
  • 2. Open Injector Gadget (but don’t inject HypnoBot yet)
  • 3. Start MS and login to your character. Choose Character, enter pic, and click Ok.
  • 4. Once in-game wait 1-2 minutes then Inject HypnoBot using Injector Gadget

Make sure that you have the “dll_helper.dll” that came with Injector Gadget in the same folder as InjectorGadget.exe

Also make sure that “Cloak DLL” IS NOT checked.

Virus Scan:

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