How does it work?!

  • Simple! Using API Hooks and pixel detection, we are able to successfully determine when a crosshair is read, without any interaction with the game at all!

What does that mean?

  • It means this shotbot is virtually unpatchable. NOT EVEN IJJI COULD PATCH THIS.

Why a 32 bit and a 64 bit version?

  • Do to the nature of API calling, and how a server’s antihack trys to prevent this; we had to generate two versions. The 64 bit version will have the greatest compatibility with servers, and the 32 bit version will be less compatible but will be around with people who do not have a 64 bit OS.


  • Shotbot [With Toggles]
  • Auto-RS Shotbot [With Toggles, See In-Program Instructions]
  • TBF Macro
  • Works Everywhere!

Virus Scans:

Why 2/14?

  • With code like this, we could not like anti-hacking teams get their hand on it. So we had to encrypt the files.
  • Doing so adds false positives because we can’t let anyone have access to the code! Feel free to scan it anywhere you want!

How to use

  • If you play GunZ on a separate resolution than you’re desktop
  • Go ingame and press number pad 3 to have the program auto-detect your resolution!

Hot key:

  • Number Pad 1 – Enabled The Shotbot
  • Number Pad 2 – Disables It.
  • Number Pad 3 – Autoconfigure Resolution!

32 bit

64 bit

Credits to: KGMA Team

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