• Simple to use multi dll Injector with many options settings.
  • Close on Inject
  • Close to Tray
  • Always on Top
  • Load from Startup Directory
  • Load from last saved Dlls
  • Nice GUI
  • Fully undetectable.
  • Option to run MetaJect on Windows Startup
  • Auto Inject with or without delays or back-to-the-basics Manual Inject


  1. Run “MetaJect.exe” as administrator.
  2. In the “Target Process” field, type in the process name with or without the “.exe”. (i.e. “Vindictus” or “Vindictus.exe”)
  3. Click the “…” browse button to add a single or multiple .dll files.
  4. (For Manual Inject only) Click the Inject button when you are ready to inject the .dll(s) into the process. For Nexon games, this is when the HackShield updater (at the bottom right) shows.
  5. (For Auto Inject only) You can add an optional injection delay time to inject x seconds after the target process has been executed.




  • Added Run on Startup setting. (Open MetaJect on Windows startup.)
  • Rewrote Auto Inject.
  • Forced Auto Inject to close on injection. (You can still use close to tray if you wish.)
  • Added extra Auto Inject delays. (Just change the delay time next to the Auto Inject radio button. Leave at 0 for no delay).
  • Improved the Clear Item bug. (Still not fully fixed but works much better).

Virus Scans:

Credits to: Meta

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