vonDoomCraft beta v1.6 is now available:

The pack has been updated to work with Minecraft 1.2.5

Update Log:

  • Animated Still Lava
  • Animated Nether Portal
  • Animated TV painting
  • Animated Sneaky Doom painting
  • Re-animated Mjolnir
  • Animated Diamond TCM chainsaw
  • Animated Sun
  • Added Captain America shield alternate texture
  • Added Coffin Chests
  • Added New woods. (Old “endless” planks included as Alts)
  • Added Cacti
  • Added TNT
  • Added Pistons
  • Added Note Block & Music player
  • Added Cassette tapes for records
  • Added Flowers
  • Added Vines
  • Added New Skull & Wings Painting
  • Remade the Enchanting Book (now twice the resolution)
  • Lightened leaves a bit
  • Some other small tweaks.


Posted Image

Posted Image


How to install vonDoomCraft Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.2.5:

  1. Download vonDoomCraft Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.2.5 (link below)
  2. Download and patch using MCPatcher HD
  3. At start menu, run > /%appdata%/.minecraft/texturepacks/
  4. Copy and Paste the texture pack (.zip file) without unzipping
  5. Open Minecraft and change texture pack in-game
  6. Enjoy!

Full HD Texture Pack:

HD Mobs Only:

Credits to: Emperor Doom

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