Magma cube (v0.9.5 for MC1.9pre4&5)

Example of PureBDcraft with Water Shader MOD and bloom effect.



Furnace GUI (Full GUI support)


In the life, there is some cactus! Aie aie aie…. ouille!

Notice: This HD texture pack requires the HD texture pack fix before you can use it.


  • Download the LAST version of MCPatcher
  • Patch a fresh version of Minecraft game with “HDTextures” and “HDFont” (you should not check “Better grass”: picture)
  • Recommended: Download the last version of ModLoader and install it (by copying files directly into minecraft.jar)
  • Recommended: Download the last version of CTM (ConnectedTextures) and install it
  • Optionnally: Download the last versions of the supported Mods and install them
  • Download this pack “Sphax PureBDCraft”
  • Copy the ZIP file of this pack into your “texturepacks” folder of your “.minecraft” folder.
  • Launch Minecraft and select “Sphax PureBDCraft” pack in the “Mods and Textures Packs” section.


v1.3.0 (5/23/12)

  • GUI: Added Book
  • ITEMS: Added Signed book and Book with inked feather
  • TERRAIN: New Cocoa plants (3 maturity stages)
  • TERRAIN: New stone bricks
  • TERRAIN: New mossy stone bricks
  • TERRAIN: New cracked stone bricks
  • TERRAIN: New wood planks (in all colors)
  • TERRAIN: New clean sandstone
  • TERRAIN: Tweaked stone slabs
  • TERRAIN: Tweaked furnace with cobblestone
  • TERRAIN: Tweaked pistons with cobblestone
  • TERRAIN: Tweaked clay with default color
  • TERRAIN: Tweaked leaves – fixed tiling
  • MOB: New Iron Golem alternative


  • The texturepack is fully compatible with MC1.2.4 and 1.2.5!

Credit to : Sphax from planetminecraft


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