Maxin’s cottage

Holiday home

Mining expedition

Rainbow Hallway

Some of the particles


  • You need Mcpatcher for the water and lava to work.
  • For the ultimate experience, I recommend enabling the smooth lighting.

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(x16) V1.5 (Minecraft 12w19a )

What’s MaxPack?
MaxPack is a smooth cartoony / simple pack, which uses the style of “Squares and Shadows”It’s actually Squares and Rectangles, but that’s not really that catchy .I stuck to those basic rules and came out with a unique style, what some people really like and others not at all!

I also recommend you to use the smooth lighting option in minecraft, it looks really bad without it!

Additional Details

Update log


Now for minecraft 1.2.5 and the newest snapshots


Now includes the Connected textures mod!(also in optifine)

  • Made water brighter
  • added dots on the grass
  • new cobweb texture
  • diamond and gold block color tweaked
  • new clay texture
  • sugarcane texture tweaked
  • tall grass tweaked
  • torch texture tweaked
  • sandstone has an edge now
  • tweaked the color of netherrack
  • tweaked the color of netherbrick
  • added cocoabean plant textures
  • new font (default with gradient)
  • arranged the titel background differently


  • Now 1.2.5 ready!


  • All of the new 1.2.4 blocks: Sandstone ruin blocks, different wood.
  • And tweaks:New chests, tweaked workbench, tweaked gold and diamond block, and the sun.


  • Working on a new server, builders can apply

Progress: 100% complete

Credit to: _Maxin_ from planetminecraft


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