Village found in the ocean! (Mod Works)

Found a small HighLands Biome.

Notice: This mod may conflict with other mods, that change villages.


  • Added a super rare biome called HighLands, it’s lowest floor is 64 blocks above bedrock. and highest is 245 blocks above bedrock, it has diamond blocks around it. It oftenly surrounds the village, monster proof, well not really.
  • Villages now spawn in every biome that has a little flat land.
  • Villages have betters AI spawn.
  • Villages spawn 5 or more houses.
  • Villages extends land into flat land.
  • Villages break apart any block in the way.
  • Villages break blocks 75 blocks above them(trees etc.)


  • They walk into houses without getting stuck on blocks-
  • They know their environment-
  • They even now how to run into their houses with no problems when a invasion comes-
  • They don’t walk in lava at the nether anymore-
  • Houses don’t tend to start on fire that often, it extinguishes every 5 seconds-


  • Drag the 3 class files inside minecraft.jar
  • (Recommendation: Watch a tutorial. (Google or YouTube: How to install a minecraft mod)

Additional Details

Update log


  • Fixed the error on the village spawning on Desert Biome!

{ Deserts } = Desert Villages.
{ Jungle etc. } = Normal Villages.

  • Bug Fix: Villagers don’t set the fire out anymore.
  • The houses spread chance lowers to a minimal amount.
  • Well that’s all for this version.


  • Updated to 12w22a.
  • Changed SSP abn:
  • BiomeGenBase highlands = new BiomeGenBase.biomeGen’
  • TO
  • BiomeGenBase highlands = new BiomeGenBase.smpBiomeGen;

Progress: 100% complete

Credit to: coolboy4531 from planetminecraft


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