Based on the original Minecraft poster

Always updated for snapshots

Random and connected textures using the Connected Textures Mod

Includes many random mobs

Animated Pumpkins!

Texture Pack Test Track


Notice: You will need to patch Minecraft to get all the features of this texture pack. I recommend using Optifine, but MCPatcher will also work.
Looks best with better grass and connected textures enabled

Mod Support

  • Green – Supported
  • Yellow – In progress
  • Red – Todo
  • Connected Textures
  • Custom Colours

Texture pack videos

Minecraft: Postercraft by NickR1

Postercraft for Minecraft Classic
To install:

  • 1. Install the WoM client from
  • 2. Extract ‘Postercraft’ to the WoM client directory (the folder you extracted WOMClient-Version to)
  • 3. Run wom.exe to play!

To uninstall:

  • 1. Delete ‘WoM Client Directory/lib/minecraft’
  • 2. Run wom.exe to reinstall the default textures

To update:

  • Uninstall the old version, run wom.exe then install the new version

Additional Details


  • Added the winning dirt and stone textures
  • Added matching bedrock textures


  • Changed connected textures to work with MCPatcher
  • Added connected textures support for sponges and jungle wood
  • Updated Postercraft Classic


  • Improved wooden door, iron door, sign, eye of ender, ender pearl, sugar, buckets, brewing stand, cookie, cake, painting and many more item textures
  • Improved eye of ender animation
  • Improved book GUI


  • Improved soul sand
  • Improved brewing stands


  • Added pumpkinblur.png, nether portal texture and coloured villager textures
  • Changed nether portal particle colour

Updated to 12w23a


  • Updated for 12w21b
  • Improved trading GUI


  • Updated for 12w19a
  • Many improvements to terrain.png
  • Improved lightmap
  • Added shadows

Progress: 100% complete

Credit to: _Black_Viper_ from planetminecraft

Choose the version you want to download here:


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