I’m sorry
I admit that I have made ??a mistake, I’ve created two users nemelig since I forgot the rule.
I am so very sorry and had asked a moderator even to delete it. On the user I posted this
texture pack, it will now be updated frequently and posted on this user.
apologize for my mistake.
Originally, this is a Norwegian texture pack and have been taken over by me from another Norwegian person named Avien. I like a little tradition and have decided to continue to update it here on this user.
Avien asked me or anyone else who wanted to cooperate take over the project to update the texture pack as he did not have the capacity to do so. I have a clear overview of the blocks that are made and various other important files for the textures to be better. I have worked with AvienCraft in maybe two weeks now, I have been a little lazy, I can admit, since I have not posted it before now. An older but, 32×32 version of the texture pack will come sernere and multiple textures in addition to the blocks will be added. AvienCraft need among other things, several mobs, blocks and items, so if you can help with the textures, please contact me. AvienCraft is only 80% done!

Installation Guide:

  • 1) Log in to Minecraft.exe
  • 2) Go on “Texture Packs”
  • 3) Open the Texture pack folds.
  • 4) Then you cut out the AvienCraft texture pack folds,
  • 5) And paste it in the texture pack folder.
  • 6) Then you see on the list of your texture packs ..
  • 7) And click on the pack, simply, your ready to play!

Additional Details

Progress: 80% complete
Credit to: Choosler from planetminecraft


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