Screenshots :



Rupter Hulk!

Zombies and skeletons!

Cambions in the Nine Hells!

Display Case

Enchantment Table

Alchemy Stand

New Explosion


Alchemy icons in action

Your New Tools

Mushroom Biome

Stronghold Corridor

Furnace On

Baldur’s Craft is an attempt to bring the art of the greatest RPG of all time, Baldur’s Gate, into the greatest sandbox of all time, Minecraft, to create a comprehensive re-skin that is still recognizably similar to vanilla Minecraft but still strongly evocative of Baldur’s Gate.

As of 11/12/11, the only remaining Painterly resources are the vehicles, which are my next project. There are no other remaining Painterly resources. So when I say “Built on Painterly” it’s a nod of gratitude to the texture pack which inspired me most, but whose resources are no longer present in the pack.

Additional Details

Skin built on Rhodox’s Painterly foundation. Textures lovingly cut, twisted, blended, stirred, and reassembled from Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast.

I would also say that it is inspired in part by the Craftselvania texture pack, which I downloaded and tried some time ago. I liked the dark, gothic style of the skin but wasn’t quite ready to commit to NES-era style skins, and wanted to create a skin which blended the polish of Painterly with the dark, fantasy aesthetics of Craftselvania.

Scenery credit to all the players of the old Acidcraft 2.0 server. R.I.P.

Nether Stronghold pics courtesy of dagothagahnim.

Also, no, I will not be doing a skin based on BG2′s GUI. BG2 was a great game, in some ways greater than its predecessor, but its GUI was for the most part ugly as sin. Some of the better game art I’ve included in the art file.

Update log

  • Updated to Minecraft 1.2.5

Credit to : Terzaerian from planetminecaft

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