Terrain, defstyle

Terrain, default (for comparison)

Items, defstyle

Items, default. (for comparison)




  • Brand new GUI that trys to keep the style of the default GUI. (And with HD font)
  • Made more grass grow further down on grass blocks. This also goes for snow.
  • Gave signs a nice white backdrop for the text to increase readability.
  • Removed lines from ice. Instead, it has a faint snow texture on it.
  • Removed dots from planks. This makes them look a lot cleaner. This also applys for boats and signs.
  • Made colours of planks use the same colours as their logs.
  • Fixed the hue on the wood colour on doors, trapdoors, ladders and other wooden parts. The hue is now the same as normal logs.
  • Edited glass, I removed the lines and replaced it with just 4 dots to make it look more like a pane. This looks awesome with the Connected Textures Mod.
  • Added shadows to the edges of logs and mushroom stalk. This makes them look a lot more round. I haven’t done this to jungle trees though as they don’t grow in a 1×1 pattern.
  • Removed grey spots from tiled dirt. I’ve kept the grey spots in normal dirt, because I think it looks interesting.
  • Made clay more blue. This is to make it more like actual clay
  • Made sugar cane look more like actual sugar cane by messing with the colours, but not actually changing the shape.
  • Gave ores shadows to make them poop out of the stone texture more.
  • Redstone ore follows the same pattern as Lapis. This is to tell the player that this pattern means that this ore block will drop more than one materials.
  • Made coloured wool relevent to other block colours. For example, the cyan wool gets its colour from the diamond blocks, and the orange wool gets its colour from pumpkins. This also goes for the dyes (item).


  • Fixed item offsets for every item. With the new HUD, this is quite important.
  • Made enderpearls and eye of enders purple. I also recoloured the end portal frame blocks to match.
  • Made the outlines and colours of objects more consistent, especially with gold items.
  • Remade some items, Flint and steel, Gold nugget, Brewing stand, Doors.

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Credits to: DoomThroughDoom

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