How to Install :

  • Download Medieval Pack
  • Open .minecraft / texture packs
  • Copy the downloaded zip
  • Paste the full zip into .minecraft/ texture packs

Additional Details

Update to 1.2.5 (4/05/12)
Changes are as follows:

  • -Changed all the cat textures!
  • -Change the Iron Golem texture (It looks a little weird if you ask me but I tried to keep it in line with the villagers Dcorona did, anyway I might change it again as I think it just looks weird. It be good to have some other opinions on it *hint hint*
  • -Added the language button on the main menu
  • -More small tweaks like usual.

Update to 1.2.4 (3/22/12)
Changes are as follows:

  • -Changed new wood blocks
  • -Changed new sandstone blocks
  • -Changed GUI
  • -Changed Icons
  • -Changed Particles

Update to (3/17/12)
Changes are as follows:

  • -Fixed Grass
  • -Finished Items
  • -Changed Water
  • -Changed Torch
  • -Edited some blocks, (gravel, saplings etc.)
  • -Changed Lava
  • -Added the Medieval Pack on start-up
  • -Changed Achievement GUI
  • -Fixed everything to with Alchemy (new bottles, new cauldron texture etc.)

Progress: 95% complete
Credit to: WILLIZDABOMB from planetminecraft

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