The main menu

A sheep

A cow (Salted)

Fairies (Fairy Factions Mod required)

A creeper and a skeleton

A forest at nighttime

Two pigs, one with and one without a saddle

A cactus

Two computers, a turtle and bookshelves (ComputerCraft required)

Arrows spewed by a dispenser

Turrets shooting creepers (iChun’s Portal Gun Mod required)

A clay soldier battle (Clay Soldiers Mod required)

A stronghold with the end portal inactive

An active end portal

An ender crystal

A dragon egg, below it an end portal


  • Decoratives Mod 1.2.5
  • iChun’s Portal Gun Mod 1.2.5
  • PowerCraft 1.2.5
  • Fairy Factions Mod 1.2.5
  • RiotCraft 1.2.5
  • More Pistons Mod 1.2.5
  • ComputerCraft 1.2.5

Additional Details

Progress: 85% complete

Credit to: jack5craft from planetminecraft

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