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“2arms: TO ARMS!(core)”

Hello all! I bring to you, the simple but glorious “2arms” mod. This is my first mod and hopefully my first step to getting back into my old community. This mod was set into motion when I started a new world in Minecraft and realized the “crafting” of weapons was quite lame. When something is lame, I do something about it. This mod will give you usages for all your minables by giving you the ability to craft different hilts, and outfit those hilts by refining them or wrapping them in leather strips, for your swords and mixing and matching hilt types and blades.

Also included in this mod are special weapons, each with their own elemental ability. Means of obtaining these special weapons vary from scaling a tower in the middle of an ocean, to leveling a forest to find the perfect leaf…

Special Items

Ax of Burning Rage

This is the Fire elemental weapon. A deadly axe with the power of “Searing Sands” (a block created for this special weapon, see the blocks section for more information) Found on the red tower you see in the picture below, the tower spawns in deserts.

Frozen Catalyst Shards

This is the Ice elemental weapon. Throwable weapon that carries in a max stack of 32, It’s use ability incases something in an “Eternal Frost”(more info in the blocks section) cage. Found on the tower below, spawned in water.

Mothering Stave

This is the Life elemental weapon. Staff that, when used on a block, has a chance of spawning one of the following:

  • Puppy (1:75)
  • Ocelot Kitten (1:75)
  • Chick (4:75)
  • Lamb (4:75)
  • Calf (4:75)
  • Piglet (4:75)
  • none

1 in 20,000 chance a leaf block will drop it.

Waning Scythe

This is the Death/Darkness elemental weapon. The special use of this item is it traverses day and night on right click. Found beneath gravestones (blocks for more info) which seem to spawn in swamps.

Thundering Mace

This is the Storm elemental weapon. A light mace that does no melee damage but packs a punch when thrown, right click to throw the mace with some special effects when you hit your target. Targets hit don’t remember being hit so they don’t try to attack you if they’re aggressive. This is the only elemental that you must craft to get (see recipes).

Miscellaneous Items

Leather Strips

Required for some hilts and can be used to further enhance existing hilts, and four are crafted from leather.


Eight chains are crafted with four iron ingots (see recipes) and are used to crafted chain armor.

Steel ingot

Used to make steel axes, crafted with:

  • Chromium ore (2)
  • Iron ore (2)
  • Coal (1)

in any configuration (shapeless)

Chromium Ore

Dropped in twos by the Chromium Ore block (see blocks) and is used to craft steel ingots.


SWORD HILTS: Used to craft mixed material swords and leather-bound/refined swords. Recipes vary (see recipes).

HANDLES: Used to craft steel axes, three different materials. Recipes are all the same (see recipes).


Fire Container

This is the container block for the “Ax of Burning Rage”. Spawns particles and gives off feint light. Drops one “Ax of Burning Rage”.

Ice Container

This is the container block for the “Frozen Catalyst Shards”. Spawns particles and gives off feint light. Drops 24-30 shards.

Eternal Frost

Ice that never thaws, and is a result of the “Frozen Catalyst Shards” special ability.

Searing Sands

Irregular block that burns like lava and despawns after a while.


Irregular block that spawns over Death Containers.

Death Container

This is the container block for the “Waning Scythe”. Spawns particles and gives off feint light.
WeaponsSwords (hetero)

Swords with the same hilt and blade:


wood | wood | leather

stone | stone | leather

stone | stone | refined

iron | iron | leather

iron | iron | refined

gold | gold | leather

diamond | diamond | leather

Mixed Swords

Swords with different blades and hilts. Not all combinations work. Check combos here.


Axes that work as weapons and lumber axes.


A small blade crafted with one blade item instead of two. Since it’s a smaller weapon even less combinations will work. Check combos here.

Additional Details

Progress: 100% complete

Credit to: TrentonYo from planetminecraft

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