Notice: This HD texture pack requires the HD texture pack fix before you can use it.

To see the custom text make sure you select HD(custom) Font in the patcher, if you dont want custom text then make sure the HD(custom) font box is not selected when you patch

Id like to do some textures for mods you guys use so if you like a particular popular mod and think i can fit in a cool texture for it just put links in the replies or pm them to me i wont do them all but if i feel its popular enough il add it in. Id prefer not doing things like guns or crazy tnt stuff as this is more of a peaceful, more RPG style pack, as opposed to some shooter texture pack.

None of the blocks are going to stay if i feel i dislike them over time lemme know your thoughts about them or even let me know what you’d like me to keep and get rid of.

Completeness breakdown:

  • terrain 95% done
  • items 30% done (will upload with them when its 100%)
  • mobs 20% done
  • GUI 95% done
  • armor 75%% done
  • etc 0% – ??% done

Additional Details

You must patch your jar to see the custom water and text

Progress: 75% complete

Credit to: bamboostew from planetminecraft

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