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Installation Guide:

For a fresh install follow these steps:

  • 1) Download the latest pack
  • 2) Save to the .minecraft\texturepacks folder.
  • Optional, but highly recommended*
    • -Copy the “saves” Folder on: .minecraft and place it somewhere else.
    • -Delete contents of .minecraft/bin.
    • -Run Minecraft.exe and let it download a clean copy of all the files.


  • 3) Download the latest texture patcher.
  • 4) Save to Desktop for easy access.
  • 5) Open the Patcher.
  • 6) Open the “Options” tab.
  • 7) Select “Default” for water, lava, fire, and portal in the drop boxes.

Revise that the setting are like this:

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  • 8) Open the “Mods” tab.
  • 9) Click on “Patch”. Close the patcher.
  • 10) Run Minecraft. Click the “Mods and Texture Packs” button. Select and you’re ready to go.








Most of the pack created by Vattic except:

  • Zombuster for the alternative *cobble*, forge front, *ores*, and obsidian. Forge back, forge top, and the bloody cobble are edits of his.
  • GenuineSounds for his hook/float and better hearts.
  • Justin8 for his lilly pad and flower, lapis block, snow texture, and *white cloth block*. Other coloured cloth recolours of his. *Also the font*.
  • RevofEvil for his cocoa beans item.
  • Sword_Frog for his sandstone block bottom, *birch bark*, fir sapling, dead shrub, alternate cobble, *PremiumWood mod Support*, and alternate mossy cobble #2.
  • kmarkopl for adding support for the better glass mod.
  • canaday426 for the *baby animal mod textures*, *PremiumWood mod Support*, MicroCubes mod support.
  • o1ofco2 pipe end, *waterwheel*, *wind generator*, and inspired design for terraformer. All for IndustrialCraft support.
  • mxms for most of the *Black Diamond mod items*.
  • AzemOcram for most of the *Mill?naire mod items*.
  • JKurtz87 for adding Better Chest support (I can’t believe how that sounds), and the Mojang splash screen logo.
  • CrazyErik for adding support for the Iron Rods and Underground Survival, and the *Weapons Mod*. Also for the map background.
  • AndutzU for his improved grass.
  • medgno for his improved sand and gravel.
  • celticguy08 for adding support for many mods: Portal Gun, Compressed Cobblestone, Connected Textures, Store Blocks, leftler’s extra BuildBraft pipes, *Zipline*, *Vending Machine*, *BTW*, *More Ores*, *Equivalent Exchange*.
  • Gimlao for fixing the font spacing.
  • dangerous59970 for adding *SteamCraft Support*.
  • Hug The Creeper for adding *Better Than Wolves Mod support*.
  • MCPixelart 1337 for adding additional *Better Than Wolves Mod support*.
  • labtec901 for the texture pack icon.
  • alttbm for adding Coloured Glass Mod support.
  • DarKKn1ghT111 for his *HD Minecraft Logo*.
  • Affinite for his Iron Bars.
  • SeptimusH for adding *Dynamite Mod support*.
  • Timmie3054 for adding *Railcraft support*.
  • jazeppie for adding AdditionalPipes support.
  • PieceMaker for some IndustrialCraft stuff.
  • Snowshoe for his *Snowman texture*.
  • shadowrat222 for adding IC2 Advanced Machines Addon support.
  • Creepss for his alternate thin mortar mossy and cracked stone blocks.
  • RickyTheHedgehog for MuttonCraft, SophisticatedWolves, Ores Drop Mores, and Chain mod support.
  • silentsource for his *ender crystal*.
  • JugneS for some *BTW Mod support*.
  • Mx9 for some *BTW Mod support*.
  • Kiajinn for some *Mill?naire Mod support* and Randomite Mod support.
  • NeilZar for some *Mill?naire Mod support*.
  • JamieH93 for Recipe Helper Mod support.
  • Crawfish for some BTW mod support.
  • ExileUnlimited for Connected Textures Mod Sandstone texture.
  • PAKAM45T3R for some Equivalent Exchange Mod Support.
  • Xaphobia for the *original Zombie Pigman skin*.
  • Notch for *the originals*.
  • Kristoffer Zetterstrand for the *original paintings*.
  • SupremX8 for his *fire charge*.

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