The different biomes.

Building with default terrain.

Building with alternate terrain.

More buildings


More blocks

Blocks with alternate terrain

The rest of the terrain blocks

Non-hostile mobs

Hostile mobs


Notice: This HD texture pack requires the HD texture pack fix before you can use it.

This is a co-op texture pack created by Andais and Alex_Weee. It took a lot of work and is finally complete, including the new mobs/textures added in February. Hope it is enjoyed by all who use it.

How to Install Aftermath Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.2.5

  • Download Aftermath Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.2.5
  • Download the MCPatcher
  • Open .minecraft / texture pack folder
  • Put the texture pack into .minecraft /texture pack
  • Open the patcher and select patch
  • Allow it to run and complete and then close it
  • Done!

Additional Details

Update log


  • Added in the tripwire, hook and emerald block textures for 1.3 when it releases.
  • Added the new survival and creative inventory gui and the trade gui.
  • Added in more alternates.


  • Added a picture of the items with a caption.


  • Fixed a few spare pixels on some of the items.
  • Added more variations for enderdragon and netherworld mobs.
  • Also added more variations for the iron golem mob.


  • Updated the redstone circiutry items, enderdragon, particles, arrows, book and char files.

Still to do:

  • lightmaps
  • font
  • custom terrains
  • silverfish
  • new items for 1.3


  • Updated the bed in terrain.png
  • Updated the some of the environment folder textures
  • Updated the minecart


  • Updated a few of the items and a couple textures.
  • Updated screenshots to reflect new changes

Progress: 100% complete

Credit to: Andais from planetminecraft

Aftermath Texture Pack v2.3


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