Notice: This HD texture pack requires the HD texture pack fix before you can use it.


Version 2 include better made sandstone, netherrack and grass texture. Also some minor changes, like flower texture and such! Be sure to download it!


Brightcraft is a realistic texture pack that brings togheter several good things. Even though the textures are way more realistic and HD, they don’t change much from the default minecraft textures. Therefore, buildings and such doesn’t look completly different. Instead Brightcraft does the difference. It brings forth all the good aspects of your builds/your map, and makes them even more stunning!

The colours are realistic and bright. Water is crystal clear with a bright blue shading. Very relaxing to look at. Grass is very vibrant and green, and the dirt is dark and realistic. Very good texture pack for making old builds. The glass has a abandoned fell about it and the doors are very retro and old.

If you’ve been looking for a realistic texture pack that doesnt hurt your eyes, you’ve found it! It’s brightcraft!

Still work to be done.Check the additional notes for more information.

Additional Details

Will be done in the near future:

  • Make all items
  • Make all mobs
  • Make all art
  • Make font and such
  • Make all particles (Fire will probably not be done)

No higher/lower resolution is avalible.

Progress: 100% complete

Credit to: iAlpha form planetminecraft

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