ComputerCraft is a Minecraft mod (with full multiplayer support) that adds in-game Computers. Each Computer has an operating system, a filesystem, a suite of builtin programs (including a text editor, a realtime Lua interpreter, and two games), and can be programmed to do anything you want with the easy-to-use Lua programming language. Computers can interact with redstone wiring and bundled cables from the RedPower2 mod, meaning they can be used to fully automate and control your worlds. With peripheral devices, the capabilities of computers can be expanded further, with Disk Drives adding the ability to transfer files between computers and play music, Wireless Modems adding Wireless Networking between machines, and Monitors adding external large external displays .

Version 1.3 adds a new block to ComputerCraft: The Turtle. The Turtle is a small, portable robot, that can be programmed just as Computers, but with the added ability to move around the world, placing and destroying blocks as it goes. A Turtle with the right programs can be used to build structures, mine resources, dig tunnels, control redstone on the move, and a million and one things I haven’t thought of yet. The machines have risen.


First, build a Computer:

Posted Image

Then right click on its screen to interact. You’re now in the command prompt. Type “help” for an introduction, then type “programs” to see the list of programs you can run. Try running some of them. Type “help” followed by the name of a program to find out what it does. Don’t miss “worm” and “adventure”! When you’re ready to start creating your own programs, type “help programming” for advice on learning the Lua programming language, then use “edit” to create programs or “lua” to just start entering code. All the programs and APIs on the system have their own help pages.

Want more? Build a Disk Drive and Floppy Disks like so:

Posted Image Posted Image

Place the disk drive next to the computer, put a disk into the drive, and access your computer again. Type “list”, and you’ll see that each Floppy Disk has it’s own folder. Now you can use the “copy” or “move” commands to move your programs onto disks, and carry the disks around to transfer files between machines! For some light entertainment, try putting a record into a disk drive and running the “dj” application.

Computer Disk Drives too static for you? Maybe you’re ready for Turtles:

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Access your Turtle like a computer, and you’ll see the similarities. Turtles run programs just like Computers, but have access to new programs and a new API to make them move around. Try experimenting with the “go”, “excavate” or “dance” programs. To write your own turtle programs, use “lua” or “edit” just as with the computer, and call functions from the “turtle” API. There’s a lot these little guys can do.

For truly advanced worlds, try building Wireless Modems and Wireless Turtles:

Posted Image Posted Image

Attach your modem to your computer (sneak-click to place it on the side), or craft it together with a Turtle, and you now have devices that can use the “rednet” API to wirelessly send each other messages to a range of 50 blocks. This is one of the more advanced areas of the Mod, and requires programming, but anybody who’s used the internet knows the potential of wireless communication.

New in ComputerCraft 1.31 is the Monitor peripheral, build it like so:

Posted Image

Build lots of monitor blocks, and place them together, and you will see they expand to one contiguous display. If your computer is touching the display, it can be programmed to draw text to this screen, which will be visible to anyone who walks past. Try the monitor out by running the “monitor” program, like “monitor left hello”. Try to find the secret program added in 1.31 designed especially for monitors!

How to use:

For Players:

  • Install ModLoader 1.2.5
  • Install Minecraft Forge Recommended Client.
  • Download ComputerCraft Client 1.33 from one of the links above, you will get a zip file called
  • Extract the contents of the zip somewhere on your computer, if you do this properly, there will now be a folder called ComputerCraft.
  • Copy this new folder (not the zip) into the “mods” folder in your minecraft directory.
  • If you’ve done all this right, you should now be able to run the game, and start crafting and placing computers.
  • If you get error message about bios.lua when attempting to the use a computer or turtle, you’ve done something wrong, re-read the instructions and try again.

For Server Operators:

  • Install Minecraft Forge Recommended Server.
  • Download ComputerCraft Server 1.33 from one of the links above, you will get a zip file called
  • Follow steps 4-7 from the Player instructions above.



  • Ported to Minecraft 1.2.5
  • Ported to Forge Mod Loader. No more ModLoaderMP!


Main Link:

Mirror Link:


Main Link:

Mirror Link:

Credits to: dan200

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