• 1. Go to the “.minecraft/bin” directory and backup minecraft.jar
  • 2. Using Winrar, 7zip or equally capable archive viewer open minecraft.jar
  • 3. Delete the META-INF folder
  • 4. Copy ALL the “.class and folders ” files contained within the in minecraft.jar(in the .zip of the mod to minecraft.jar, replacing the existing files
  • 5. install modloader the same way as the mod itself
  • 6. Close minecraft.jar
  • 7. Enjoy the mod.


  • 1.police car
  • 2.cocacola and donuts
  • 3. pistol and bullets
  • 4. police suit(the installion can fail that they looks white with g1 on top to fix this put the files contained in copcraft/in mc jar/copcraft/armor in minecraft.jar/armor)
  • 5. Nothing else

Additional Details

Progress: 70% complete
Credit to: Minari_Man from planetminecraft


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