Creepite Ore

All the Creepite Armor

All the Creepite Tools

Full Creepite Armor with Creepite Sword

The Mechani Creeper!

The Secret Power of the Creepite Sword



  • -Creepite Ore – Can be found under layer 40, can be mined with wooden pickaxe and up.
  • -Creepite Ingot – Obtainable by smelting the Creepite Ore.
  • -Creepite Armor – Same protection value as Iron, same reciepe.
  • -Creepite Tools – Each tool have 768 uses, same power as Iron.
  • -Special Power – Use the Sword and feel the strength flow through your body.
  • -Mechani Creeper – Friendly creeperlooking robot, craftable, explodes on death.
  • -Creepite Grenade – It’s like a creeper, but you lob it through the air!


  • 1. Make sure that you have ModLoader installed.
  • 2. Drag the .zip file from the download into the /mods folder.
  • 3. If you havent already, delete META-INF from minecraft.jar
  • 4. Run the game!

Additional Details

Progress: 100% complete

Credit to: TheNewHope from planetminecraft

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