Wolves are adorable. Wolves are loyal. Wolves are sweet and obedient and willing to die for you.

…Unfortunately, they’re also borderline useless. They’re weak in combat, their AI is abysmal, and the efficiency of healing them is absolutely atrocious.

That’s where this mod comes in. By installing this mod, you can make your beloved canine companions as helpful as they always wanted to be! Not only does this mod eliminate permadeath, allow for skin customization, and improve AI, but you can also train your pets in various talents that will make them not just useful, but indispensable.

Installing the mod:

  • Just install Risugami’s modloader
  • Run the game, and then put this mod’s zip file in the “mods” folder that gets created.

Converting your Wolves to Doggies:

Now the next step is to convert your vanilla wolves into doggy talents doggies! This is quite simple, all you have to do is right click your wolf with a training treat, crafted by this recipe:

  • String Bone Gunpowder
  • Sugar Sugar Sugar
  • Wheat Wheat Wheat

This gives you 1 training treat. Once you right click on a wolf with a training treat, it should sit up. If you installed the mod properly, you’ve just transformed your wolf into a Doggy Talents Doggy! To make sure you did it properly, right click on your pet with a stick. It should bring up a screen that shows a bunch of skill names along with numbers, and a textbox for naming your dog. Just type in the name you want, and it’ll appear over your doggy’s head as a nametag!

What your Doggies can do now:

Now that you’ve converted your wolves to doggies, they will have a variety of new features available from the get-go, even before you teach them any new skills!

1: Improved AI. Doggies will recognize when it isn’t a good time to leap right in front of your face. If you hold a tool and sneak, they stay put so you can mine without worry. If you hold a sword, they keep a constant 5-10 meter distance from you at all times. Neither of these functions will interfere with their teleportation when they get too far away.

Note: This AI is improved compared to pre 1.2.3 AI. The pathfinding may be slightly lacking compared to the NEW AI, but you may notice that your Doggies are far less creepy and robotic than your wolves are, and also have an easier time registering attacks on their foes, and I feel that’s a no-brainer trade.

2: Immunity to permadeath. Doggies can’t die as long as they’re tamed. No matter what kind of punishment they take, the worst that can happen is that they become incapacitated, which prevents them from attacking, using their skills, or healing. To revive an incapacitated dog, either let them rest for a while, or give them cake. This also fully heals them.

3: Nametags. As mentioned before, right clicking on your dog with a stick allows you to name them. This name will appear above their head as if they were another user on multiplayer. Also, if you’re close to them, a lable with some additional information will be displayed. On the left you’ll see a capital letter in parentheses, and on the right you’ll see a number in parentheses. More on the letter later, for now we’ll talk about that number. That, my dog-loving friend, is their food level, which brings us to:

4: New food system. Dogs now have a hunger meter, just like you! It is represented by the number in parentheses we just mentioned (it only appears if they’re named). It goes from 0 to 120, and the higher it is, the faster your dog will regenerate health. It takes about 30 minutes to go from 120 to 0 when they’re following you, 2.5 hours to go from full to empty when sitting or wandering, and 6 minutes to go from full to empty when you’re riding them.

Here is a list of foods in the game that your dogs can eat, along with the base nourishment they restore:

  • Chicken(cooked or raw): 40 NP
  • Beef(cooked or raw): 40 NP
  • Pork(cooked or raw): 40NP
  • Fish(cooked or raw): 30NP
  • Rotten Flesh: 30 NP

If other mods add wolf food, they’ll be able to eat that too, with a base NP of 30

Fish and Rotten Flesh are NOT initially available to your dogs, but you can train them in a certain skill to make them able to eat it! More on that later!

5: Wandering mode. Do you feel guilty making your doggies sit down for days on end whenever you don’t need them? Well now you don’t have to! Right click on your doggy with an arrow, and they’ll enter wandering mode. They won’t follow you or teleport to you, but rather simply wander around. Don’t worry about them wandering too far off: They’ll keep within 30 blocks of the last place you slept! If you do this, you’ll notice that the Letter next to their food level will change to a W. This brings us to…

6: Commands. Dogs no longer respond directly to the usual commands, which is to say they don’t automatically attack anything you punch, and don’t automatically target things that hit you. Rather, they will target mobs in one of two ways:

Auto-Target: If they see anything within a 15 meter radius that has you as its target, your dog will engage it in battle automatically, before it inflicts its first attack on you.

Command Beam: If you have a Command Emblem, you can right click with it to fire projectiles. These projectiles do no damage, but if they hit something, it becomes the target of nearby dogs under your command.

You can toggle which methods each dog uses by right clicking on them with a sign. There are 4 settings:

  • Docile: Doesn’t attack under any circumstances.
  • Tactical: Only responds to the command beam, does not auto-target.
  • Aggressive: Responds to the command beam AND auto-targets.
  • Berserker: Only auto-targets, ignores the command beam.

Their current setting is represented by that capital letter next to their food meter. D for Docile, T for Tactical, etc. It also will be an I if your dog is incapacitated, or a W if your dog is in wandering mode. There are a few other emblems besides the Command Emblem, and they are all crafted like a watch, but with a different “core” instead of redstone. Here is a list of all of them:

*Command Emblem: Fires the command beam, used to specifically designate targets for your dogs, and also to make your dogs sit or stand up from afar. Core: Bow.

*Stay!: Makes nearby dogs sit. Core: Stick.

*Okay!: Makes nearby dogs stand. Core: Bone.

*Checkup Time!: Makes dogs sit if injured or stand if healthy. Core: String.

7: Humane Release. You can now humanely release your dogs by cutting off their collar with Collar Shears, crafted by surrounding a set of vanilla shears with 4 bones in your crafting table, similar to making a watch or compass. Right click on your dog with them, and your dog will become wild, and all of its stats will be reset, EXCEPT FOR ITS LEVEL. If you right click on the dog AGAIN after four seconds, you’ll turn it back into a vanilla wolf.

8: Multiple Skin Support. The way this mod is set up, it supports 17 different skins for tamed wolves at once. There’s the default one, and then the 16 ones labeled “doggytex”. I’ve provided 16 doggytex skins for you so you don’t have to get a texture for each, but if you’d like to put other dog skins in, just rename your prefered skin to match one of the doggytex pngs, and then put that in instead. You can cycle through the different Doggytex skins by right clicking on your dog with a lapis lazuli block.

9: Playing Fetch. Craft a Throw Bone by surrounding a slimeball with 4 bones in your crafting table, and you’ll be able to play fetch with your dog! Simply right click to throw the Throw Bone, and watch as he chases after it! When he catches it, he’ll bring it back to you and drop it at your feet, although it’ll be covered in drool. Put it in your crafting window to wipe it off again.

10: Sitting On Your Head. Right click on your doggy with a bone, and he’ll perch on top of your head! Apart from being extremely adorable, it’s also handy for navigating your dog through a difficult-to-navigate path, or for its use in conjunction with the BedFinder skill! To get him off of your head, right click on him again with a bone.

11: Breeding. Feed two dogs breeding bones, crafted shapelessly with a master treat, Cooked chicken, cooked beef, cooked pork, and cooked fish, and they’ll make a baby just like the other minecraft animals! This puppy will be wild, but you can easily tame it with bones, and if you hit it, it still won’t get angry with you.

The Doggy Talents:

Now on to the core of this mod, the Doggy Talents! There are currently 12 different talents in this mod that you can teach to your doggies! To teach a skill, simply access the stat GUI by right clicking on your dog with a stick, and click the plus sign to the right of the desired skill.

However, teaching a skill requires skill points, which are earned when dogs level up. Your dog starts at level 1, and gains one level whenever fed a training treat. However, to level past level 20, you’re going to need super treats, and past level 40, you need master treats. To Craft super treats, put a melon in a crafting table with 5 training treats (shapeless recipe), and for master treats, do the same thing, but with super treats and a diamond.

The maximum level is 60, and at level 60 your dog will have enough skill points to max out 5 skills.

The skills are as follows:

BlackPelt: Improve your dog’s attack power! At max level, your dog will inflict 5.5 hearts of damage!

HunterDog: With this skill, your dog has a chance to make its victims drop loot TWICE! At level 5, this always happens.

GuardDog: Improve your dog’s defense! At max level your dog will take half damage from all incoming sources of harm, and he’ll also revive faster!

CreeperSweeper: Those damned silent deathbringers have crept up on you for the last time! Now you can train your dog to recognize the scent of gunpowder and growl to warn you when creepers get close! This maxes out at 30 meters away horizontally at level 5. At level 5, your dog can fight creepers if it has maxed blackpelt and guarddog as well!

PackPuppy: Your dog will get its own portable inventory! As long as your dog isn’t incapacitated, you can access a PackPuppy’s inventory by ctrl-right clicking on it! Your dog will have 3 item slots per level, maxing at 15 slots. At level 5, your dog will automatically pick up loose items if he has space in his inventory.

HappyEater: Your dog will be less picky about its diet, happily consuming everything like a true omnomnomnivore! At level 3 your dog will be able to eat rotten flesh, and at level 5 your dog will be able to eat fish! It also increases the amount of nourishment all food provides your dog by 10% per level.

HellHound: Your dog will gain the ability to set enemies on fire! Burn, you stupid skeletons, BURN! The fire will last longer at higher levels, and at level 5 your dog will also become immune to lava and fire!

PillowPaw: This skill will make your dog resist fall damage, and start taking fall damage at higher and higher drops. At level 5 your dog will be immune to fall damage entirely, and will fall slowly to the ground.

DoggyDash: Makes your dog move faster when attacking. Useful for chasing down fleeing animals, or taking down the pesky spiders!

FisherDog: Aw, he shakes himself dry, isn’t he cute-what’s this? Your doggy has just dropped a fish at your feet! He caught a fish for you! AWWWWWWWW! <3 He can also breathe underwater if you max this out.

DogLight: Your dog will harness the mystical powers of glowstone to produce torches for you when it’s over-fed! Max it out and he’ll also give you a bit of glowstone dust.

BedFinder: While on your head, your doggy will look in the direction of the last place he’s seen you sleep! Works at a range of 200 * skill level blocks, but is infinite range at level 5.

RescueDog: If your health becomes critical and you have a dog following you with this skill, he will try to heal you half a heart per level in this skill, at the cost of 100 nourishment. At level 5, this drops to 80 nourishment.

PoisonFang: Your dog gains a poison effect in his attacks, becomes immune to poison, and can cure you of poison effects for 30 nourishment points if you right click on him with a spider eye after maxing the skill out!

PestFighter: Your dog will randomly inflict damage on all nearby silverfish. Higher levels increase range, and maxing this out will double the damage it inflicts!

MagiMutt: Your dog may generate double XP whenever he kills an enemy! The chance improves with level, and at level 5 this becomes guaranteed to happen.

PuppyEyes: Your dog will warm the heart of a villager, prompting him to give you gifts! this can only be done once every two days, unless you max it out, at which point it can be done once a day. Higher levels mean a chance of better gifts!

And the last talent is rather big, and deserves its own section!

The Wolf Mount:

The last skill you can teach to your dogs is the WolfMount skill, which allows you to ride your wolf by jumping and right clicking on it. This ability is affected by several others, and getting the ultimate wolf mount is a large, but worthwhile, investment! Wolf mounts are extremely fast, auto-climb 1-block ledges as though they were stairs, jump high, and can be upgraded to protect you from drowning and fire damage! Here is a list of skills that affect it:

*WolfMount Increases speed and slightly increases jump height.

*DoggyDash slightly increases speed.

*PillowPaw increases jump height, and that max level slowfall is quite useful while riding it!

*HellHound, when maxed, protects you from fire and lava, just like it protects the dog itself!

*FisherDog, when maxed, allows the dog to swim even with your added weight, and lets you breathe underwater!

A few other important notes about the WolfMount:

*To prevent banging your head on the ceiling, your dog’s hitbox is increased while you ride it. This means that attempting to left or right click will either hurt your dog or dismount it. If you want to attack or use items, hold down shift while doing so. This only works at level 5.

The Food Bowl:

Now you can train your dogs to eat from a Dog Food Bowl when they get hungry! Simply craft the bowl by surrounding a bone with iron ingots, and fill it by either right-clicking on it to access the inventory, or tossing the food on top! Next, have your dog stand on top of the food bowl. From then on, your dog will automatically walk to that food bowl whenever he or she starts getting hungry while in wandering mode, and eat some of the food inside!


Training Treats: (note, this is outdated, it now only crafts 1.)
Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Collar Shears:

  • Nothing Bone Nothing
  • Bone Shears Bone
  • Nothing Bone Nothing


  • Nothing Bone Nothing
  • Bone Slimeball Bone
  • Nothing Bone Nothing

Alternatively, just place a droolbone in the crafting window to clean it up again.



Added arrow key commands, configurable permadeath, optional extended childhood for puppies, made dogs tilt their heads and beg at more stuff, prevented doggydash from applying to chasing you while you have a breeding bone, moved DoggyTex and Command control to the naming GUI (old methods still exist just in case), made dogs properly make the death sound upon becoming incapacitated.

Credits to: RaustBlackDragon

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