How about that then, There you were thinking to yourself that you are the only Human in your World..

Well it turns out you were wrong! Humans+ adds a plethora of new Humans to your world, As well as an “alignment” concept of good and evil.


Humans+ adds around 17 Human mobs to the game, each with their own unique characteristics, textures and weapons.
There are 2 types of Human in your world, those whom fight for Good, and those whom fight for Evil, Which kind will you be?

Humans+ was created over a year ago by a very new modder Mr_okushama, but has since then been loved by the community and has been branded as one of the top 10 minecraft mods, as well as reaching 2 million downloads.


The Good Guys

Assassins, Elves, Hunters, Humans (3 types) and MobHorses.


These guys are bad ass, they are the only Humans to be trained in both the arts of wielding a bow AND a blade, they are incredibly fast, attack those of the Evil alignment (Although they will not attack the player if he is Evil out of respect), Click these guys with a book (original Minecraft book) and they’ll follow and fight for you, whilst in “team” mode you can give them Bread to heal them and Arrows to replenish their Quiver, Assassins by default have 30 Arrows and 20 hits with their weapon, if they run out of weapons they will disappear in a puff of smoke, leaving behind nothing but scraps of paper, Did i mention they can climb up most surfaces? Kill one and he may drop a book, Hidden Blade, or some bread.


Elves, Guardians of all defenceless mobs, these silent warriors spend most of their time up in trees firing a storm of arrows onto their opponents, They have a good aim but have a longer reloading time, They dislike hostility in most forms, you may even find one attacking you if he catches you killing animals, they drop arrows, flowers, mushrooms and sometimes even a bow.


Hunters, Probably one of mr O’s favourite mobs, these guys are fast, strong and mean, they generally spawn in groups and hunt those who are Evil, They spawn on Grass and Cobble during the day, but at night only on natural stone and dirt, They drop cookies, redstone and Fish.

Humans & MobHorses

(includes Lost Miners, Settlers and Wanderers)

The Bad Guys
Bandits, Pirates and Rogues.


A once peaceful race, they were driven to the shores by the warring nations and outbreak of Roguery, Because of this, they are generally hostile, they also attack animals for food, they drop cacti, sand, gravel and cooked meat.


Pirates are able to fish for any water creature, be it added from another mod or in the original They will spawn in a boat.


Rogues/Rogue Archers, Outcasts from the native lands, these guys have respect for most of the Evil mobs, apart from an outstanding war between them and Bandits, Their Archers are fast, they have poor aim but a good rate of fire, their melee fighters are strong but have little health, you can expect a nice assortment of drops from these guys.

The Military

Knights and Samurai.

Knights vs. Samurai, these 2 factions have been at war for a short time, the Samurai travelled very far to conquer the Knight’s land, This Alignment is unaffected by the balance of good and evil, Each Nation fighting for their own cause, they are generally unconcerned for any other mob, unless provoked of course, they have lots of health and spawn on fields, they drop an assortment of rares.



The Undead

An unimplemented Alignment is the Undead, consists of Notch’s mobs (Skeleton, Zombie, PigZombie), as well as Shadow Walkers and the fabled Herobrine, these guys generally attack living things, even if they can’t win. (It will be possible to join this Alignment in a future update).


Shadow Walkers

Alignment Information

So the Alignment is a static int, which means there’ll only be one occurrence of it at any time, It’s maximum is 100 (Good) and it’s minimum is -100 (Evil), currently starting on 50 when you start Minecraft, 0 is the switch-point from Good to Evil, If you want to be good, you attack Evil mobs, which will +10 to your alignment meter, but also, attacking good mobs will deduct 10 points from your Alignment Meter. Alignment checker (shows your current alignment stats) is made with 3 sticks (top), 1 paper (centre), 3 sticks (bottom) 10 Uses.


Faction Flags

Items that are dropped very rarely by most humans, they are effectively mob spawners, so you can populate places, each one spawns a different mob.

So, every 10 minutes, they will spawn 5 of the mob that they represent, but configurable.

Hidden Blade

A powerful Assassin’s tool, can be obtained whist in either good/bad alignment, If you are Evil, your best bet is attacking a weak Assassin and hoping he drops one, if you are good and in a team with one or more Assassins you can right click one of them with nothing in your hand to receive this powerful item, It has a 1 in 3 chance (just like Assassins themselves) of killing most mobs, it only has 20 uses and is not craftable/repairable.


The heart is a special item, because it’s actually technically a mob (that is 2d and doesn’t move), on contact it will heal you 1 heart, it can be collected when you have full health, also for those who cheat their health amount, it will no longer set it back to 20.

Installation Instructions:

(This is written on the premise you know how to get to your .minecraft folder, minecraft.jar and insert classes using an archiver).

  • 1. Place “HumansPlus-1.2.4(v2.5b).zip” in the /.minecraft/mods/ directory
  • 2. Place the folder from inside “To Resources” in /.minecraft/resources (Make sure you follow the paths properly…)
  • 3. Place the “HumansPlus” folder in the /.minecraft/mods/ directory

Main Link:

Mirror Link:

Credits to: Mr. okushama

Website: okushama-inc

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