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Dark Mage

Cursed land


  • 71 new items.
  • 30 new Achievments
  • Cursed Land Biome
  • New Mob Dark Mage
  • New Mob The Cursed
  • Icegem Tools Lasts 2x Iron
  • Darkgem Tools x2 Icegem
  • Mageite Tools: X1.5 Diamond
  • Mightgem Tools x3.0 Diamond
  • firegem Tools lasts 30x iron
  • ICEGEM ORE can be smelted into ICE GEMS,
  • which make a toolset with lasts twice as long as iron.
  • DARKGEM ORE can be smelted into DARK GEMS,
  • which make a toolset that has twice the power and durability of icegem tools
  • MAGEITE ORE can be smelted into IMPURE MAGEITE,
  • which has to be purified by placeing 2 purication dust on either side of the mageite.
  • MAGEITE can be crafted with 3 redstone at top and bottom 2 ice gems on either side of a diamond in centre,
  • MAGEITE can make a toolset with x1.5 the power of diamond
  • FIREGEM ORE can be smelted into FIREGEMS
  • which can be made into a toolset which lasts x30 iron
  • Used to summon the darkmage.
  • Used to summon a cursed soul from limbo.
  • Cursed Book’s
  • Dropped by the Cursed, these powerful items can summon armys.


  • Step 1
    Download and instal Modloader!
  • Step 2
    Download and Unzip the mod and move the files into minecraft,jar
  • Step 3
    Play Minecraft!

Additional Details



  • Cursed Book of the Blaze
  • Cursed Book of the Creeper
  • Cursed Book of the Ghast
  • Fixed minor bugs

Progress: 100% complete
Credit to : bloper4 from planetminecraft

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