Magic Circles – 3D Revolve

First off, let me explain exactly what this script does. It allows you to take a single “slice” of any block pattern, in game with a worldedit selection, type one command, and have it copied and rotated all the way around you, to form a completely solid, and perfect circle. It also allows you to set the exact number of rotated slices, or points you want generated, and will evenly space them to the appropriate angles. The overall size is easy controlled by using the player position for the exact center, meaning, the further away you are from the selection, the bigger it will be, and vice versa. The last feature is a block filter, so you can set if you only want a specific block revolved around. I highly suggest watching the included video to fully understand the exact process.


How to Use

There are three things you must do to run this script correctly. The first is setting an active 2D selection with worldedit, to the blocks you want revolved. Once you have that, you need to stand on the center point where you want everything rotated around (y-axis position doesn’t matter). Finally, you need to type in the command to revolve, which you can find below, easy as that!

Command Usage

  • /cs arev – Base command for everything, using this alone will revolve your current selectiion to a full circle.
  • /cs arev points – Limits the number or points, or slices to the specifed number.
  • /cs arev 0, blockID – Set filter to only use the specified block type. Set points to 0 if you want a full rotation.
  • /cs arev points, blockID – Use this when you want to use the point limiter, and block filter at the same time.
  • /cs arev 0, 0 – Use this command if you just want to test if the script is working or not.

(Exclude commas when setting points and block id)

Selection Requirements
Your selection must be a vertical 2D segment, so you should be looking down a single wide, tall, and long segment of blocks while standing in the center. It will still work if you don’t follow this, but the alignment will be completely off.



  • 1) Install the SinglePlayerCommands mod, which also comes with WorldEdit.
  • 2) Open your main “%appdata%/.minecraft” folder up. (The one with bin and saves folder)
  • 3) Now copy the downloaded, unzipped folder “craftscripts” into it, merging with existing folder if necessary.
  • 4) From the .minecraft folder navigate to the mods folder then to the sppcomands folder.
  • 5) Find the file and open with any text editor.
  • 6) Go to the line that reads “scripting-timeout=” and change the value to 30000.
  • 7) Save the file and close all folders, then open Minecraft and test it out with the command “/cs arev 0 0″.
  • Multiplayer – Untested *You must own/have access to server files to install scripts.
  • The script should also work fine on multiplayer, you will just need to copy the script to the appropriate location.


Problem: Can’t type at all.
Fix: Singleplayercommands isn’t working, trying re installing from a fresh minecraft.jar.

Problem: Error Message “Failed to find an installed script engine.” when using script.
Fix: Go here, download the Rhino Zip file. Unzip it and copy the included js.jar to your “/.minecraft/bin” folder.

Problem: Error Message “Script does not exist …/.minecraft/craftscripts/arev.js” when using script.
Fix: Worldedit can’t find the script in the craftscripts folder, make sure you copied it to the “/.minecraft” folder.

Problem: Error Message “Make a region selection first.” when using script.
Fix: Just like it says, you need to have an active worldedit selection, using the //wand or //pos commands.

If there are other problems you come across, please let me know.

(There is a known issue when generating a circle with a radius of exactly 3 blocks, where they turn out a little uneven.

Additional Details

Progress: 100% complete
Credit to: inHaze from planetminecraft

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