Mod Mechanics

Weapon System

Nerd-boy’s Battlegear implements an entirely new weapon system to minecraft. Pressing the ‘I’ button or clicking your player character in the Inventory screen will bring up the Weapon Inventory Screen.

Weapons can be placed in the main hand or off hand slots. These weapons will be displayed on your player model when you go into 3rd person view. Weapons can be switched between sheathed and drawn by pressing the ‘R’ Key

Items displayed in the following table are able to be placed in the weapon slots. There is an option in the config file to allow the use of weapons from other mods.

New Weapons

Mine & Blade adds a number of new weapons to the game.

The Waraxe

The waraxe has the special ability of having a chance to cause 150% damage to mobs. Red sparks will fly around the mob to indicate extra damage.

The Mace

The mace has the special ability of having a chance to cause a 3 second stun to enemy mobs. Blue sparks will fly around the mob to indicate stuns.

The Quaterstaff/Spear

The spear sacrifices some of the power of the sword for increased range

*Note: The spears must be made with a undamaged quaterstaff.

Minecraft Forge Installed Only

When used with Minecraft Forge the spear takes advantage of a custom renderer

Posted Image


Shields can be crated using wood, leather, iron, gold or diamond

Posted Image

In addition iron, gold & diamond shields can be painted. Painting is preformed by combining any iron, gold or diamond shield with the dye of your choice. Painting will not rid the shield of enchantments and will not repair the shield. With Minecraft Forge Installed Only

Posted Image

Note that this is just an example.

Shield Blocking

When a shield is equipped shield blocking is activated by holding the right mouse button. While in blocking mode, all damage from mobs is ignored from the front 180 degree arc. In addition movement speed is slowed. Blocking mode cannot be sustained indefinitely as it drains your “blocking timer” based on the shield you are using. The blocking timer apears in the bottom left corner.

Shield Bashing

While blocking you are unable to attack, instead if an opponent is in front of you you can bash him with your shield by pressing the attack button (default left mouse button). The shield bash will cause no damage to your enemy but will instead knock them back. This consumes 1/3 of your block stamina bar

Shield Enchantments

Shields can be enchanted in the same way as armour. The enchantments however have very different effects.

  • Protection
    • Protection I – Can block for 50% longer & shield bash take 25% of the bar (normal 33%)
    • Protection II – Double Block Time
    • Protection III – Infinite Block Time
    • Protection IV – Infinite Block Time & No Shield Bash Penelty
  • Fire Protection
    • Fire Protection I – Take 1/2 damage from Fire sources while blocking
    • Fire Protection II – Take no damage from fire sources while blocking
    • Fire Protection III – Take no damage from fire sources while blocking & 25% chance enemy will be set on fire (3 seconds)
    • Fire Protection IV – Take no damage from fire sources while blocking & 50% chance enemy will be set on fire (3 seconds)
  • Blast Protection
    • Blast Protection I – Take 25% damage from Explosions sources while blocking
    • Blast Protection II – Take no damage from Explosions sources while blocking
    • Blast Protection III – Take no damage from Explosions sources while blocking. A sucessfull block of an explosion will chage the shield. The charge is released as a powerful attack (damage = 1/2 explosion damage) upon the next successful shield bash. Changing shields will de-charge the shield
    • Blast Protection IV – As above but the full damage is released
  • Projectile Protection
    • Projectile Protection I – Gain the ability to block all projectiles (including ghast fireballs)
    • Projectile Protection II – 25 % chance of reflecting enemy projectiles
    • Projectile Protection III – 50 % chance of reflecting enemy projectiles
    • Projectile Protection IV – all enemy projectiles are reflected



Nerd-boy’s Battlegear introduces a legal way to obtain chainmail armour. Chain links can now be made out of iron ingots (1 inron ingot produces 2 chain links). Chain can then be used to make armour as normal


Knight’s Armour (Minecraft Forge Only)

Knight’s armour is a new armour set that has the protection and durability between that of iron and diamond armour. It however is quite expensive to make requiring a full set of iron and chain armour as well as a few blocks of wool.


Knight armour comes in 16 different colours corresponding to the 16 different minecraft colours. Knight armour can also be dyed to change its colour.



Knight armour includes a plume on the helmet as well as a custom cape on the chestpiece.


A full set of Knight’s Armour will get a Matched Set Bonus. This will provide

  • An extra shield of defence (making it as protect you as much as diamond)
  • Shield bashes will cost 1/2 the amount of stamina.

Quiver(Minecraft Forge & renderPlayerAPI Only)

Mine & Blade Battlegear introduce the quiver. The quiver is crafted as follows


Posted Image
Placing the quiver in the quiver slot will open 4 new slots in your battle inventoy for arrows.


Posted Image
Arrows will be taken from the arrow slots in preference to arrows in your inventory. In addition the number of arrows will be displayed in the battlemod hotbar. Finally, the quiver model is displayed on your back when holding a bow


Posted Image



Banners (Minecraft Forge Only)

Banners are the 1st of my purely decorative blocks. They come in 16 colours and can be placed on the ground (and will face you) or against a wall.

Banners are created using 2 wool (of the same colour) blocks with a stick underneath


Banners can also be changed to any other colour using dye


All the A song of Fire and Ice Inspired Banners

Installation Instructions:

  • Download and Install Risugami’s Modloader
    • Make sure you delete the META-INF folder in the minecraft jar when installing ModLoader
  • Download and Install PlayerAPI
    • If using Single Player Commands, install the playerAPI-SPC patch
  • OPTIONAL (For dyable Shields)
  • Download Battlegear
  • Place the downloaded zip file in the mods directory in youre .minecraft directory
  • Take the fight to the creepers


Weapon Preview

Dual Wielding Preview

Main Link: Dropbox

Mirror Link: Mediafire

Source: [Minecraft 1.2.5] Mine & Blade: Battlegear Mod v2.8.0.1

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