This Mod adds more creatures to the game.






How to Install Mo’Creatures Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5:


Install the four files manually:

Install Modloader, AudioMod, CustomMobSpawner and GUI Api FIRST!!!! and then:

  • 1. Make a backup of your minecraft.jar file
  • 2. Locate your .minecraft folder
  • 3. Copy the file inside your \.minecraft folder
  • 4. Unzip the MoCreatures file inside that folder
  • 5. Play




  • Fixed bird feet thanks to Xotano
  • Vanilla creatures no longer despawn if they’re close to a torch (within 12 blocks)
  • Baby scorpions don’t despawn
  • Piranhas no longer attack on peaceful
  • Rehauled eggs. A single item will be used for all eggs (fish, sharks and snakes). The tooltip describes the kind of egg
  • Fish will drop eggs that will spawn lil’fish of the same color. fish spawned that way are tamed.
  • Aquatic mobs no longer make step sounds
  • Added insta-spawner that can be accessed through the game menu
  • Added Snakes

There are eight different kinds of snakes including a couple of shy snakes that will run away from the player and venomous snakes like corals, cobras, rattle snakes.
There are also aggressive pythons. Different kind of snakes spawn based on the biomes. Rattlesnakes only spawn on deserts.
Snakes mind their own business, if you get too close they will alert and hiss, giving you time to run away. If you don’t they will attack you.
A player carrying a bird or mice will attrack the nearby snakes. They hunt down small creatures
You can obtain snake eggs. A snake egg that is dropped near a torch will hatch and the baby snake will be tamed and can be picked up. tamed snakes won’t attack the player.

Mo’Creatures Mod:

CustomMobSpawner v1.4.3:

Credits to: DrZhark

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