3D TNT Wallpaper

3D Mossy Cobblestone Wallpaper

3D Grass Wallpaper

Default Realism

Jukebox & Noteblock




Wood Collection

Collection of all the ores.

Farm Blocks

Regular & Mossy Cobblestone


Dirt w/grass


Notice: This HD texture pack requires the HD texture pack fix before you can use it.

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R3D.CRAFT – Default realism

By Tiger from Uniblue Media

An idea
I’ve seen so many realistic textures that have really amazed me. It’s just that most/all of the realistic high-res texturepacks out there doesn’t really hold on to the default pixelated style you get when you’re down at 16×16. So how can we keep the same pixelated style as the default texture and still be more realistic?

Well, we’ll see.

TERRAIN 128×128 VERSION (35% done):

Posted Image



0-15% DONE (24/04/12):

  • Added Dirt/Grass
  • Added Gravel
  • Added Stone
  • Added Regular and Mossy Cobblestone
  • Added Wooden Planks
  • Added Wood & Dark Wood
  • Added all Wool Colors
  • Added TNT
  • Added Bricks
  • Added Farmland
  • Added Sand & Snow

15-25% DONE (25/04/12):

  • Added Workbench
  • Added colored Wooden Blocks
  • Added Bedrock
  • Added Gold, Iron and Diamond Block
  • Added all Ores
  • Added Chest
  • Added Jukebox/Noteblock
  • Added Bookshelf
  • Added Leaves
  • Added Birch Wood
  • Added Doors

25-35% DONE (27/04/12):

  • Added Furnace
  • Added Dispenser
  • Added Redstone Torch
  • Added Lever
  • Added Torch
  • Added Repeater
  • Added Chests
  • Added Large Chests
  • Fixed Regular Leaves
  • Fixed Grass
  • Fixed Birch Wood


Here’s a short guide on how to install R3D.CRAFT in general:

  • Download a version of R3D.CRAFT
  • Locate your texturepack folder (“AppDataRoaming.minecrafttexturepacks”)
  • Locate your dowloaded R3D.CRAFT
  • Copy and paste it into the Minecraft texturepack folder
  • Make sure you either have MCPatcher or Optifine installed
  • Open Minecraft and go to “mods and texurepacks”
  • Select R3D.CRAFT
  • ??
  • Profit.


  • Add resisting blocks
  • Add new items
  • Add new particles
  • Add new moon, moon phase and sun
  • Add biome-colors
  • Add mobs
  • Add wallpapers/pictures
  • Add customized animations (fire, water, etc)
  • Add anything resisting


“Hey!? This is just a remake of the default texture!”
- Well, yes. I do use the default texture and add more details, make it look more 3D like and fulfill its 512x purpose. The reason lies in the concept. I want to still keep the default look, but also make it realistic. That’s why I use the default texture. I want to keep it similar to the default.

“Hey!? You’re just adding some texture! Everyone could have done that.

- Well, adding texture is a big part of this and it is one of the most visible edits I do, BUT I am doing more. To really make this different, I’m trying to realize one and each block. By this, I’m not only adding texture, I’m also trying to make each block more 3D-like. The cobblestone, for example, is one of the blocks I’m almost done with. I’ve made each stone in the block, stand out, and the lines in the cobble seems like it’s actually carved in to the block. In other words: The texture seems more 3D.

“My Minecraft crashes when I aplly the texture! Help!”

- There’s two things you have to remember when you install this texture. The first is to remember installing either MCPatcher or Optifine. These mods makes your Minecraft HD-ready so that you can run HD-textures like this.

The other thing is to remember to download the suitable version/resolution for your computer/laptop. If you have a slow computer, you shouldn’t really go as high as 512c512. 512×512 is mostly only for the best computers. Try 128×128. If that makes your minecraft slow/laggy, then try 64×64.

Additional Details

Progress: 35% complete

Credit to: Uniblue Media from planetminecraft

64x version:

128x version:

256x version:

512x version:

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