The SkinMaker

…Is still work in progress. It’s a tool to create Minecraft skins and save them. As of now, It’s more or less a Paint-Program with a 64×32 pixel canvas (Minecraft Skin size). When you start it, it will already have a skin loaded up.


  • Default Skin
  • Black Borders where you don’t need to draw
  • Color Picking Tool
  • Tool to pick colors from skin
  • Eraser
  • Open saved skins
  • Brush Mode (varies the colors)


A whole bunch of stuff:

  • Add a Preview Window
  • Add a Filling Tool (In progress)
  • Add an undo-function
  • Rearange the GUI (put Brush Settings on an extra panel)
  • Add an Eraser Tool
  • Add a tool to capture used colors from the skin

Additional Details

Progress: 80% complete

Credit to: PeterKramer from planetminecraft

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